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Seeds can refer to a wide range of things in a wide range of contexts. For certain games such as Terraria, they can refer to the codes that influence the game worlds that are generated. Something that can be very useful for interested individuals who have a specific thing in mind. Certain seeds are better than others. Furthermore, there are secret world seeds as well, which come with their own upsides.

Seed: 263549977; Size: Small; Type: Classic; Evil: Crimson

There are a couple of reasons to go with this seed. One, it has an Enchanted Sword, which can be found westwards. This is beneficial because said weapon is a very good choice for the early game, being both very convenient and very powerful. On top of that, grabbing an Enchanted Sword that has already been spawned in the game world is much easier than making an Enchanted Sword, which will be very important for people who are planning to make a Zenith at some point in their play-through.

Two, the seed provides a Starfury as well that can be found by going eastwards. Once again, it is a useful weapon. However, it is even more important for anyone who wants the Zenith because it is another one of the ten ingredients needed to make the Zenith.

Seed: 1841878846; Size: Small; Type: Classic; Evil: Corruption

Speaking of which, if people are determined to get their hands on an Enchanted Sword as soon as possible, there is this seed. Once they are in the game, they should start by digging straight down until they hit a cave. After which, people should be able to find what they are looking for to the left of their position. Suffice to say that this can make for a very powerful start to their game.

Seed: 970756484; Size: Large; Type: Journey; Evil: Crimson

This is another seed that offers interested individuals a couple of powerful items for those who can find them. Specifically, these would be a Lava Charm and a pair of Ice Skates, both of which should make exploration a bit more manageable for those who are stressed out about the environment. If they want the Lava Charm, they are going to need to head west and down.

After which, the accessory should make lava much less of a hazard than before. Meanwhile, if they want the Ice Skates, they are going to need to head west but less so and down but less so than they did for the Lava Charm. In that case, the accessory should help them out quite a bit whenever they need to navigate most forms of ice.

Seed: 1211831599; Size: Medium; Type: Master; Evil: Corruption

Pyramids aren’t quite as rare as they were. However, they still aren’t guaranteed. As a result, it can be useful for interested individuals to look into seeds that guarantee at least one pyramid showing up. There are a number of reasons why people would want one of these things in their game. For example, pyramids are made out of sandstone bricks, so they can be quite useful for hindering the spread of Crimson, Corruption, and the Hallow because sandstone bricks can’t be corrupted.

Similarly, pyramids have an interior tunnel that zigzags its way towards treasure. Having said that, the neatest thing about them might be the chance of them containing unique treasure. For instance, this one comes with a Sandstorm in Bottle, which will give the player a much improved double jump when compared with the Cloud in a Bottle.

Seed: 5162020; Size: Small; Type: Classic; Evil: Corruption

Generally speaking, a game world will have either Crimson or Corruption. After all, that is literally one of the options that people are supposed to choose when generating a game world. One is red while the other is purple. However, those are some of the most superficial differences between the two, meaning that it is a good idea for interested individuals to familiarize themselves with both options.

For instance, Crimson biomes tend to be more challenging than their counterparts. Moreover, they can come in the form of either Crimson Deserts or Crimson Snow, though both will flow in a more natural-seeming manner. In contrast, Corruption biomes have much more dramatic drops. Something that interested individuals might want to keep in mind if they don’t appreciate navigating that kind of terrain.

Regardless, it turns out that a game world doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to having one of the two. For proof, look no further than this seed, which has both a Crimson biome and a Corruption biome. Thanks to that, interested individuals can reap the benefits of both biomes. On top of that, the seed has some other things to recommend it as well. To name an example, it has a number of useful biomes that are situated very close to the spawning point, thus making them very accessible.

Seed:; Size: Small; Type: Classic; Evil: Crimson

This seed is the right seed for people who want to play with Granite for whatever reason. This is because it has a Granite biome that is very easy to find. Something that isn’t exactly true by default when they are both small and underground. Essentially, interested individuals should go east until they hit the Marble biome and then dig straight down until they hit the Granite biome. After which, well, suffice to say that they will be able to play with Granite as well as Granite-related items to their heart’s content.

Seed: for the worthy

Those who are looking for a challenge should enter this seed. Like the name says, it is meant to provide interested individuals with a serious challenge by making a number of changes to how the game as well as the game world work. For instance, enemies will come with more health as well as do more damage. Similarly, Bunnies are replaced with Explosive Bunnies while Demons are replaced with Voodoo Demons.

Some of the bosses will even see changes to either their AI or their size to make them more difficult to overcome. The terrain isn’t immune to these changes. One excellent example can be seen in how pots and trees will now be capable of dropping lit bombs, so interested individuals will need to be very careful when interacting with them.

Please note that these changes are layered on top of other settings. As a result, this is a good way for interested individuals to get something so challenging that it isn’t even available by default if that is what they want out of the game. In any case, they will be able to tell that the seed has worked if the screen messages have backward spelling while the game world is being generated.

Seed: not the bees

Unsurprisingly, this seed results in a very bee-influenced game world. Interested individuals can expect a lot of bees, bee-related items, and bee-related structures. In fact, most of the game world will feature a Jungle biome. Hive and honey blocks are everywhere, which can make for a very interesting look when combined with everything else.

Simultaneously, interested individuals might want to be extra-careful while they are moving around because there are Larvae everywhere as well. If they aren’t careful, well, they might want to memorize the Queen Bee’s attack patterns. First, the boss can put herself on the same level as the player before trying to ram the player by moving back and forth. Second, the boss can spawn bees while she is hovering, thus resulting in more enemies that will have to be cleared out before the player can relax.

Third, the boss can shoot at the player with remarkable speed, which can be paired with her moving into position for a vicious downward swoop. On the whole, the Queen Bee isn’t exactly the worst boss that can be found in the game. Unfortunately, there are enough Larvae in this seed that interested individuals should be extra-careful about destroying them.

One Queen Bee might not be too bad so long as they have made the proper preparations. The issue is that it is very much possible for them to call more than one Queen Bee, at which point, said encounter becomes much more dangerous. Amusingly, if the player has entered the seed right, they will know because of the screen message saying that the game is generating bees.

Seed: constant

One of the more recent introductions would be this seed, which is a crossover with Don’t Starve Together. For those who are unfamiliar, Don’t Starve is an indie game about surviving as long as possible in a world that is quite a bit more fantastical than our own. As a result, the player needs to keep not one, not two, but three meters at a decent level.

Unsurprisingly, one would be health. Meanwhile, the other two would be hunger and sanity, so it should come as no surprise to learn that interested individuals are expected to keep themselves fed as well as engaged. Without that, they can’t expect to last very long. Initially, Don’t Starve was envisioned as a single-player game and nothing but a single-player game.

This is because the people behind it weren’t confident that its formula could work in a multi-player format. Still, they eventually got over their qualms, with the result that they released a multi-player mode as what is effectively a stand-alone game called Don’t Starve Together.

This seed is a special seed meant for people who want to engage with the crossover that Terraria had with Don’t Starve Together. As such, it changes a number of things about how the game works to create a different experience that is more reminiscent of the latter. For instance, it introduces both hunger mechanics and darkness mechanics.

Due to those things, the early game with this seed is much more challenging than the early game with a normal seed, though interested individuals can mitigate these issues once they manage to put themselves on solid footing. Likewise, there are a number of other changes that are meant to produce an atmosphere closer to that of Don’t Starve Together.

The cacti are now capable of causing damage to the player; there is a darker shader used for the game that produces a more somber look; and there are now Spider Caves situated above ground so that the player can be sure that there will be Spiders going after them. Of course, this seed means that interested individuals can expect higher drop rates for the items from the crossover, so that is something for those who want to see what they are like.

Seed: celebrationmk10

Given the seed name, interested individuals should have no problem guessing that this is the special seed meant to celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary. As such, it is quite a reverse from the previous seed, seeing as how it is quite a bit lighter when it comes to its presentation as well as its effects. For starters, most of the game world gets painted in lighter colors, which has a huge effect on how it looks to most people.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the player gets spawned at the beach of an Ocean along with the Guide, the Steampunker, the Princess, a Party Girl, and a Town Bunny, at which point, a party will start up at the location. There are more concrete effects to the use of this seed as well. To name an example, chest items will always have a “best” modifier of some kind.

Similarly, it becomes easier to get rare items, both because they are likelier to drop and because they can be found in more places. There are even a couple of special enemies that can show up in this seed. One is the Jungle Mimic, which shows up in the Hardmode version of the Underground Jungle. These are serious threats, so much so that they are stronger than any of the pre-Hardmode bosses with one potential exception being the Wall of Flesh. The other is the Golden Slime, which drops more coins than other enemies.

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