The Details You Missed in Skyrim

Skyrim Details1

Grand Theft Auto what? That’s right, people are still exploring the LAST big open world game everyone was talking about, Skyrim. Even a few years later, people are examining the little details of the world, things you might not have noticed on a single breezy playthrough.

These come via Tumblr, but lord only knows if that’s where they actually originated. If so, I apologize, Tumblr.

There are a bunch more below, ranging from the weird (the Daedra worshipping town of Rorkistead) to the weird  (Solitude’s random health potions). I’m guessing there are even more than these out there, so get out and hunt people! See in you in three years with a comprehensive GTA 5 list.

Skyrim Details10

Skyrim Details9

Skyrim Details8

Skyrim Details7

Skyrim Details6

Skyrim Details5

Skyrim Details4

Skyrim Details3

Skyrim Details2

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  1. Ulfrik wearing the gag was very obvious from the first play through, but I can’t believe didn’t notice the ‘eye of Magnus’ thing.

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