Conan O’Brien Reviews Halo 4, Crushes on Cortana, Kills Self


I can’t say I regularly watch Conan on TBS, but I have always appreciated his video game review segments. Yes, I’m willing to overlook his heavily outdated perceptions of the industry which involves making fun of his gaming buddy for being a virgin nerd, or some variation of the insult, because he’s just so damn funny.

Naturally his videos aren’t really a good exploration of the game, as like my parents, he still has trouble with the whole “one stick moves your head, the other moves your feet” system of FPS controls all of us have been used to for a decade now.

But that said, watching him hit on Cortana is hilarious, as is seeing him get to the part of the game where both he and Andy Richter recorded secret Easter Egg lines. And then he murders himself, of course. Watch above.

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