I’m Scared I Will Find Myself in The Dork Yearbook


I guess for girls, there’s this fear that they’ll find themselves on the Internet, flashing their cans or making out with another girl in a picture taken during a night of drunken debauchery. 

For guys (like me, and many of our readers), the analogous fear is finding yourself in a picture that captures both the inner and outer dork for the world to see.  There’s a website called Dork Yearbook, and they post pictures like the latter of the two types I’ve mentioned.  The tagline is very telling: “The Way We Wish We Weren’t,” and the dork level on the website is off the charts.  I love it. 

These are they types of kids I grew up hanging out with; hell, I was one of them.  Finding an old photo of me on this site – socks pulled up to my knees and eyes bloodshot from playing hours of NES – would not surprise me one bit.  After the jump, you can look at some of the better photos from Dork Yearbook. 

To see all of them, you can visit the site by clicking HERE.  Special thanks to Mark S. for showing me this great site.


A cute little kid, but years of torment and mockery will turn him into a supervillain.  At this point, work on his island lair is just about complete.


It’s never a good sign when a kid this age is dressing like a 50-year-old.  Wicked lunch box, though.


This kid rules.  All red sweats with a Cypress Hill hat?  Why didn’t I think of that?


At least she’ll have Nintendo to keep her company when all the other kids are at prom.


Are those TMNT slippers?  Nice…


This kid doesn’t look dorky at all.  In fact, he looks like the type that would have picked on me when I was younger.


“And when I run the translator, the computer outputs a message that reads…oh, this can’t be right – the Buddy Holly look doesn’t help get you laid?”


I want that shirt.  Now.


The look on the kid’s face is that of pure mischief.  No way does he want to partake in his parents’ dorky Star Trek fantasy.


“Ummm…can I talk to a Mr. Butts?  First name, Seymour?”

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