Atomic Heart: Missing Students Guide

Atomic Heart is a large game offering a slew of things to find. Taking place in an alternate reality of the Soviet Union, players control the protagonist known as “P-3” to solve an incident that went array within a facility. Of course, with all the insanity that’s unfolding, there are going to be some people missing within the turmoil. One side-quest that P-3 can do is finding all the missing students as an optional objective. Talk to the Dead Tour Guide and she will mention that she was responsible for overseeing these students before they went missing. Find them to give her peace of mind so she can finally rest.

The kicker with this mission on Atomic Heart is that the missing students aren’t marked on the mini-map. Players must use their own two eyes to find the missing bodies. Luckily, P-3 can still scan the area and highlight the bodies to use as a crutch. Locating all of these corpses can be a bit of a chore. Especially, considering how large the areas can be. Therefore, thoroughly combing through the areas is the best method to complete this task. They are all located throughout various exhibit rooms within the Beluga Halls. This mission can be a two-layered endeavor. While scouring for Claire’s Body parts when playing the campaign, the Dead Tour Guide lies at the edge of a hallway.  She is pretty easy to spot.

Dead Student Bodies Locations

First Body

  • On top of the roof of the museum, there will be a Passive Security Relay puzzle inside a room. Laying adjacent to the puzzle will be the body of the student. Talk to the corpse and receive a general layout of what happened there and what their job was. On that note, it is advised to go ahead and complete the Passive Security Relay puzzle while in the room. This will eliminate the need to backtrack down the line.

Second Body

  • The Botanics Wing within the Vavilov Museum in Atomic Heart is located on the second floor. Go there and poke around for the second body. This will be the same area where players will need to find some Moon Canisters. In any case, a segment of this area will be secured by a locked door. In order to open this, talk to The Oracle. She will be next to the door and fairly simple to find. Once inside the room, run upstairs and turn left. The body will be waiting up there.

Third Body

  • Go to the Medical Wing on the third floor. There will be a body chatting to itself, caught in an endless cycle of thoughts. It will not be sure what happened to it. Nonetheless, this is still one of the students that disappeared during the tour. Therefore, simply talk to it to find out what happened and garner some information about its predicament.

Fourth Body

  • Within the Sakhalin exhibit on the second floor, look around for a cleaning robot that is having trouble cleaning up a mess. Near the corrupted plants by the stairwell, the last body will be laid out. The robot will be struggling to shift the body. So, players can help dislodge it by shocking the student. After that, players can converse with the corpse to discover what happened to it.

Rewards After Finding All The Bodies

After finding all the student’s bodies in Atomic Heart, head back to the Dead Tour Guide at the Beluga Halls. Simply chat with her and she will relay a “thank you message” of sorts. On an unfortunate note, there isn’t a “reward” for completing this mission, per se. Instead, this mission will stack among similar missions that lean toward completing ‘The Necromancer’ Trophy/Achievement. Thus, the Dead Tour Guide will convey some nifty tidbits about the game. Talking to corpses is a major feature in this title and players are encouraged to go off the beaten path and listen to what they have to say.

In Atomic Heart, there is a total of 90 dead bodies to talk to. Their stories generally give exposition about the facility and help flesh out the world. They are generally a collectible to accumulate while playing the campaign. Basically, little bite-sized stories that help stitch together the overarcing narrative surrounding the facility. Talking to all of the corpses isn’t necessary to finish the game, of course. However, taking time to locate all of them does help with providing a richer and deeper experience. Some corpses will even provide some helpful tips about the facility which can help out players in the long run. Given how challenging some of the areas can be, knowing as much as possible about the facility can certainly give an edge during comabt and exploration.


There is no doubt that Atomic Heart is teeming with secrets. The dead corpses are the main outlet for observing lore and slowly unraveling what happened within the facility. The core of this game is that it is a mystery in which players must take the initiative and discover clues about what happened. There are many types of corpses to talk to in this game. Everything from dead soldiers to lifeless animals. To fully immerse oneself into the world of this IP, taking time to find all the corpses is highly recommended. Atomic Heart is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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