Pokemon Sun and Moon: 10 Really Strange Things We Noticed

Given the premise of Pokemon, it should come as no surprise to learn that it has more than its fair share of strangeness, which often shows up in the form of the colorful creatures that inhabit the setting. Although Pokemon Sun and Moon have just come up, they have made it clear that they follow their predecessors in this regard, thus making the Pokemon games that much more fun and the Pokemon setting that much richer. After all, when the real world can be so strange at times, why should the Pokemon setting be any less so?

Here are 10 examples of the strange things that can be found in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

1. Bewear Is One of the Most Feared Pokemon In the Region

On initial inspection, this can seem strange. After all, Bewear looks nothing so much as a mascot character, complete with a fondness for expressing its affection with literal bear hugs. However, this becomes much more understandable upon the revelation that Bewear is not just powerful but also incapable of controlling its own power, meaning that it has a high chance of hurting those it hugs.

2. Mimikyu Can Kill with Terror

Mimikyu managed to win the hearts of Pokemon fans all around the world within a short time after its introduction. However, it is important to note that while it has good intentions, it is nonetheless a Ghost Pokemon, as shown by how its true form is so terrible that it has killed through sheer terror. This is rather appropriate, seeing as how the sighting of ghosts as a warning of imminent death is a common motif in folklore.

3. Gengar Wants a Friend

Speaking of Ghost Pokemon, Mimikyu is far from being the spookiest of them, as shown by Gengar’s latest mention in the Pokedex. Past entries revealed that it tends to be rather cruel towards its victims, but what is interesting is that the latest mention reveals that its cruel actions are not without purpose. In brief, Gengar is tormenting its victims in an attempt to create another Gengar as a companion, which it knows to be possible because it used to be human.

4. Sliggoo Can’t Distinguish Between Friends and Food

As it turns out, Sliggoo has problems with its eyesight, which is rather unfortunate when it seems to be reliant on that particular sense for telling one thing from another. As a result, it has problems distinguishing friends from food, which is even more unfortunate because its favorite form of attack is to spit corrosive goop that will dissolve its victims even before they are consumed. Something that has led to tragic results in the past, if its mention in the Pokedex is to be believed.

5. Palossand’s Feeding Is Its Reproduction

The idea that people with unsatisfied grudges will rise as the restless dead is a popular one. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that when Palossand consumes its victims and leaves their bones buried beneath the sand, there is a chance of a Sandygast springing up, thus continuing the Ghost Pokemon’s rather unpleasant life-cycle.

6. Nihilego Is Based On Myxobolus Cerebralis

It is interesting to note that Lusamine seems to have been a much better person in the past than in the present, so much so that it raises the question of what caused the rather dramatic change. This becomes particularly interesting because some people have suggested that Nihilego is based on Myxobolus cerebralis, which is a parasite that lives in the bones and cartilage of salmon, where it causes deformations as well as changing their behavior to make them likelier to die, which will release the parasites into the surrounding waters. Something that becomes all the more interesting when considering what we learn about what Nihilego can do to humans.

7. Komala Never Wakes

So yeah, that’s just weird right?

8. People Eat Pokemon

This is not the first time that the Pokemon franchise has mentioned people eating Pokemon. After all, the second generation of games described Team Rocket harvesting Slowpoke tails for sale as delicacies. However, Pokemon Sun and Moon have provided us with another example in the form of Crabrawler, whose claws are eaten when they drop off. In part, this is disturbing because of the cute, cartoonish appearance of most Pokemon, but the bigger factor is the fact that Pokemon are often depicted as being either near-human or even super-human in intelligence.

9. Mega Evolution Is Painful

Mega Evolution is interesting in that it makes Pokemon much more powerful than otherwise possible, but it is clear that it comes at a considerable cost. For example, Gyarados is described as being consumed by its rage when it turns into Mega Gyarados, which is rather impressive considering that the dragon-like Pokemon is infamous for its bad temper, though it is rather understandable considering how Magikarp are treated. Likewise, Mega Glalie is described as having had its jaw broken so that it will spew an unending torrent of freezing air, which supports the idea that Mega Evolution can be rather unpleasant for the Pokemon as well as those they are battling.

10. Ultra Space

Ultra Space is not the first time that other dimensions have come up in the Pokemon franchise. For example, we know that the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games are considered to have taken place in a separate dimension from the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, which have a rather notable difference in the form of Mega Evolution. Likewise, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games featured the home of Giratina, where the laws of physics seemed to have rather flexible interpretations at most. However, Ultra Space is like neither of these two dimensions, suggesting that it is either something new or an alternate dimension that saw a much more drastic divergence at some point. Regardless, there is not enough information to figure out what it is, meaning that it will have to remain a mystery for the most part for the moment.

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