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EA has done a lot with Star Wars: Battlefront 2 since its less than perfect release in 2017. Since then, the game has seen plenty of general quality of life updates and an even bigger amount of content updates including the Battle of Scarif Update in April, 2020. Unfortunately, this was the final major content update that the game will receive, though it brought with it Instant Action and Missions game modes, the Scarif Beach map, new cosmetics including the Old Master skin for Darth Maul (an absolute must). Over the years, a wide range of heroes, villains, and vehicles have been introduced into the game, filling out the Hero and Villain rosters just a bit more than they were at launch. So how many Star Wars: Battlefront 2 heroes are available to play right now? What abilities do these heroes have to offer players? Let’s take a look now!

Light Side Heroes

  • Luke Skywalker
    • Heavy Strike
      • A powerful sweeping attack that hits multiple times allowing the player to take out many targets at once.
    • Force Push
      • Luke uses the Force to push enemies away from him. Kills all enemies in front of Luke and stuns other Heroes, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
    • Saber Rush
      • Allows Luke to attack from a long distance by closing distances on far away enemies or traverse the map.
    • Deflected Shot
      • Luke uses his lightsaber to block incoming attacks.
  • Princess Leia Organa
    • Trooper Bane
      • Turns Leia’s E-11 into a semi-auto weapon that can pass through shields and instantly kill enemy players regardless of range.
    • Enhanced Squad Shield
      • Larger and more powerful version of the basic Squad Shield that can stop Force attacks.
    • Supply Drop
      • Leia will drop a random power-up when using this ability.
  • Han Solo
    • Detonite Charge
      • Han Solo throws a sticky charge which can be detonated at will.
    • Sharpshooter
      • Han Solo can fire the DL-44 rapidly for the next few seconds.
    • Shoulder Charge
      • Han Solo charges forwards, knocking over and damaging the first enemy he hits.
  • Chewbacca
    • Shock Grenade
      • Chewbacca throws a grenade which can be broken into a cluster of smaller missiles which electrocute enemies they hit.
    • Furious Bowcaster
      • Allows Chewbacca to fire fully charged shots instantly
    • Charge Slam
      • Chewbacca charges forward and slams his fists into the ground when retriggered, dealing high damage and knocking enemies off their feet. This ability can be activated from the air.
  • Lando Calrissian
    • Smoke Grenade
      • Lando Calrissian throws a smoke grenade which obscures the view of his enemies, but not of his Night Sniper’s thermal scope. Villains using lightsabers inside the smoke area cannot follow their target while performing their lightsaber attacks.
    • Sharp Shot
      • Lando Calrissian focuses on up to five enemies before delivering a flurry of powerful shots against each one.
    • Disabler
      • Lando Calrissian deploys a sticky device which reveals nearby enemies and disrupts their radars. He can overcharge this disabler at any time to shock enemies around it.
  • Rey
    • Dash Strike
      • Rey charges forward with her lightsaber, dealing damage to enemies on the way.
    • Insight
      • Rey senses her surroundings, revealing all nearby enemies to her while she disappears from their radars. Her stamina costs are halved and her damage is increased while this ability is active.
    • Mind Trick
      • Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief duration.
  • Yoda
    • Unleash
      • Unleash the Force in a cone in front of Yoda, damaging and pushing enemies back. When Yoda blocks damage using his BLOCK ability, the range and damage of Unleash increase for a short time.
    • Presence
      • Yoda instantly heals himself and allies around him. When the ability is activated, he will also break out of any immobilizing effect.
    • Dash Attack
      • Yoda leaps forwards up to two times, dealing damage without being blocked.
  • Finn
    • Deadeye
      • Finn focuses and targets one enemy in front of him, making sure every shot counts.
    • Big Deal
      • Finn grants himself and nearby allies extra health, damage reduction, weapon cooldown, and faster ability recharge.
    • Undercover Team
      • Finn equips the GLIE-44 and hides allies from radars, increasing their speed, and revealing nearby enemies.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • All-Out Push
      • The lessons of the Jedi mantra inspire Obi-Wan to resolve conflict without emotion, pushing back his attackers and extending his reach.
    • Restrictive Mind Trick
      • A Jedi’s mastery of the Force can influence the weak-minded, and in the case of Master Kenobi, even subvert his enemy’s desire to use their abilities against him.
    • Defensive Rush
      • Obi-Wan demonstrates his bravery by surging towards any enemies foolish enough to cross his path, deflecting blaster fire as well as choosing to deliver a final strike at any time.
  • Anakin Skywalker
    • Pull Dominance
      • Anakin pulls enemies in front of him to a center point, leaving them open for attacks.
    • Heroic Might
      • Anakin takes highly reduced damage while holding the ability. When released, he pushes all enemies around him, with range being increased by the amount of damage taken while held.
    • Passionate Strike
      • Anakin unleashes a heavy strike, breaking his opponent’s guard and dealing high damage.
    • Retribution
      • Anakin’s powers intensify whenever he and any nearby allies are attacked, building towards the ultimate punishment of a swift and inescapable grip seizing all enemies around him.
  • BB-8
    • Resistance Backing
      • BB-8 scrambles enemy radars while revealing hostiles to himself and his allies. If attacked, revealed enemies will take increased damage.
    • Cable Spin
      • BB-8 deploys his cables and lashes out with a spin, inflicting high damage to all close by enemies.
    • Rolling Charge
      • BB-8 charges forward to knock down and damage the first enemy standing in his path. If blocked, the enemy is still staggered and damaged.

There you go, folks. A complete list of all light side Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Heroes you can play now! Keep an eye out for some of those other dark side Battlefront 2 Heroes as you bring an end to the Separatists and the Empire.

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