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Today is my birthday, and if you guess how old I am, you’ll win uh, I don’t know. A hundred points.

But since I am turning the magical age of _____ today, I thought it might be time for you guys to know me a little better as I write much of the crap you see on here every day.

Most internet sites are faceless walls of text and pictures, and you don’t really know who’s behind them. This isn’t my life story, but since we’re a media site, I thought I’d share with you my top three favorite movies, TV shows and video games in order for you to know that side of me a little better. They explain much about my personality, and feel free to judge me if you like.

Also, if you guys want, feel free to give me your top 3’s for each as well. It’s be cool to get to know you better too.


3. The Fast and the Furious


Everyone has the movie they love even though they know it’s fundamentally terrible. Some will pick Red Dawn, others Top Gun, but as I come from a different generation, it’s The Fast and the Furious.

When I was sixteen, this movie rocked my world as I was really into the whole tuner scene and inspired me to pimp out my Ford Focus to be a sex machine. Thankfully that plan didn’t get too far before I wised up and didn’t start putting tribal decals on the side of it.

The film itself is one giant movie quote, with every line an instant classic. Sometimes my friends and I will put it on and narrate the entire thing just for old time’s sake. “One of the things that we knows is, it’s not how you STAND by your car, it’s how you RACE you car.”

2. Gladiator


Gladiator was I believe the first R-rated movie I ever saw, as I grew up in a rather strict household that banned all forms of violent media. And what a first movie it was.

Yes, the violence is still brutal to this day, but fortunately, Gladiator has an amazing story to go along with it, and I don’t think my own views and the Best Picture Oscar have ever aligned themselves to such a degree before.

The only downside to the film is that both Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe seemed to have peaked with it, something most aptly demonstrated recently by Robin Hood. But man, I can go back and watch their first adventure together an infinite amount of times.

1. Memento


I hated Memento the first time I watched it.

I think I was about sixteen, and when that car screeched to a halt at the end and the credits rolled, I was like “wait, what?” But I think the first time through, that’s the reaction everyone has.

Since then, it’s become my go-to pick when anyone asks me my favorite movie. I must have seen it 20 times by now, as it’s become the movie I always recommend when I meet anyone uninitiated to its greatness. It’s so smart, so well written and acted that I have yet to find anything that even comes close to it, and it turned me on to Chris Nolan before he ever got near a batmobile.

Also, my biggest pet peeve in the world is when people list this under their favorite movies on Facebook, and spell it “Momento”

(Runners Up: Love Actually, 300, The Prestige)

Video Games

3. Halo 3


I’ve been playing a lot of Modern Warfare 2 the past few months, but only recently have I realized that it’s really made me miss Halo 3. Combat in MW2 just seems so repetitive. You have a dozen guns that shoot bullets at different speeds for different distances, and if you see a guy before he sees you, you almost always will get the kill.

Halo 3 is different. I can play this game for years and still see just absolutely ridiculous scenarios that I didn’t even know where possible. I once swung a hammer, killing a guy on a Mongoose, and sending the flaming wreck speeding across the map to kill someone else. I once through a stick grenade into a grav lift, only to have it randomly stick to an enemy plane flying by. The game is full of moments like these, and you’ll see new ones for as long as you’re playing.

As to which game requires more skill, I can’t rightly say, but all I know is that I’ve had a blast for years with Halo 3, even though my enthusiasm for MW2 is currently winding down.

2. Mass Effect


Mass Effect was the first game that convinced me that video games were on track to surpass movies in terms of immersiveness. I fully believe that if enough people discover this game, and a film adaptation is made of it CORRECTLY, it could very well be this generation’s Star Wars. The universe is there, people just need to find it.

The galaxy that’s been created here is massive, with alien races’ histories detailed more than you would ever think possible or necessary. What really made the game great was the story and the characters, as the best part of it wasn’t the combat, but rather the “boring” talking parts you would normally skip in other games.

It was an almost scary feeling to actually bond with my crew, and real emotions surfaced when I had to make a tough call on who to sacrifice or when a romantic flirtation finally blossomed into something more. You had an additional connection to your character because you could make them from scratch, any race, any gender, and they really did feel like your own as you progressed through the game. Mass Effect is the future of gaming, and mark my words this series will change everything if it keeps on its current path of greatness.

1. Super Smash Bros. 64


I have been playing this game for over ten years now, and it still doesn’t get old. It’s quite possibly the greatest video game ever created, with the most amount of replay value I’ve ever seen. You can spent a decade perfecting its art, and then still meet someone who can utterly destroy you.

Smash Bros. is an almost perfectly balanced fighting game, as if you’re good enough, you can beat any character with any other character given the right tactics, even Jigglypuff. It’s that sense of fairness and balance that’s lacking from the newer installments of the game, with so many characters it’s bound to be uneven, and level after level where you’re constantly fighting some crazy shit happening in the arena rather than your opponents. Don’t even get my started on the new “fatalities.”

But the original is a return to a simpler time, and is the only game I can still pick up at any given moment and it never feels dated or any less fun.

(Runners Up: Starcraft, Perfect Dark, Grand Theft Auto III)


3. Lost


Despite how it may have or have not ended, there is no show I’ve ever seen that was as physically addicting as Lost. Watching the first season on DVD was like doing hard drugs. It was bliss, but then got chills when I realized I would have to wait for more.

After that, I had to watch week to week, and every new episode managed to answer a question while adding three more. Over the years we really go to know the characters, and the series is full of emotional moments of love, death and everything in between.

Sure it’s all because of magic light or something, but whatever, the six year journey was one I’ll never forget, and I’m not sure how any other show will ever have a mystery that lives up to this one.

2. The Wire


I was skeptical of The Wire at first, and it even took me an entire season and a half to like it, but once I realized its genius, I was hooked forever.

There is no better written or acted drama on television, EVER, and its Emmy snubs alone prove the case for those awards being worthless.

No, I’ve never lived on the streets nor been involved with any narcotic gangs, but by the time the show was over, I felt like an expert, and had grown to love all the miserable, f*cked up characters on the show. HBO produces a lot of quality, but The Wire is far and away their best effort to date.

1. Arrested Development


Sometimes, I sit around and am literally sad that this show doesn’t exist anymore. It’s perfect. It is a perfect piece of popular culture. Many will say it was killed too soon, but I say three seasons is probably good, as the show was never stretched into badness like many other quality comedies (The Office).

It’s without a doubt the smartest show ever written. Each episode is packed with joke on top of joke on top of joke, most of which you won’t even recognize until about your third or fourth viewing.

Brilliant writing combined with not one or two, but an entire stable of memorable and hilarious characters, and there just isn’t any comedy that’s ever come close to it in television history.

(Runners Up: Battlestar Galactica, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Undeclared)


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