Multiversus: How To Play As Stripe

Ever since its launch, Multiversus has expanded its roster rather significantly. One, in particular, is the addition of the evil Mogwai Stripe, from Gremlins fame. He comes into the assassin/hybrid class, and he can be a chore to figure out. Nonetheless, his nimble nature can daze and confuse the opposition, which will ramp up the chaos during a match. With some patience and control, players will run circles around the enemies and pull off some mean combos, as well.

Stripe’s Move Set

The fighting in Multiversus has always been layered. With Stripe, this is no exception. He comes with a passive homing ability, which allows him to automatically land shots with his pistol during any combo. Thusly, he also comes with moves that can debuff enemies. Following his chainsaw attacks, which have a massive knockback, his combos can tear down enemies as long as the required attacks land successfully.


  • This passive ability enables Stripe to debuff enemies with his melee attacks. Therefore, his neutral attacks can do extra damage which puts targets on opponents. Stripe can only target one person at a time with this ability. This can also be useful with a follow-up attack, such as the toy pistol, which can juggle enemies out of the ring.


  • As mentioned before, Stripe comes with a toy pistol for both ground and air-neutral attacks. It has a very short range. However, when the enemy is targeted with the Grudgeholder Ability, they can be hit anywhere in the arena. Hence, these attacks can be mixed into a combo at a player’s discretion.

Savage Tricks

  • This ground special is a charging attack where Stripe will zoom toward opponents on a skateboard. This can be charged up, allowing him to cover the extra distance. Additionally, pushing the input again at the end of the animation will let Stripe do a flip with his board, for extra punishment.

Ride em’ Cowboy

  • Stripe’s up-special attack comes with two different properties. One, he can strike enemies and set them up for air-combos with it. Second, he can debuff projectiles, essentially making him “bulletproof.” Simply execute the move whenever Batman throws his Batarang, for example. Then, Stripe will just bounce off it.

Dynamite Boom

  • The down-special that Stripe comes with is him pulling out a bundle of dynamite, which will ultimately explode and grant extra damage. He can’t throw it, however, he can use it as a melee weapon, ending combos with the explosion that comes with a lot of damage and knockback. Stripe can also use this special to launch himself in any direction after detonation. Allowing him to gain extra air-time, avoid ring-outs and escape attacks.

Best Perks to Use

He’s The Leader

  • Stripe will be granted a brief boost in speed after bouncing off a projectile with his Ride em’ Cowboy ability.

Boom, Boom, Bounce

  • With his dynamite, Stripe will have two explosions, allowing him to spring up to ceilings and walls.

Feeding After Midnight

  • Stripe will suffer debuffs twice as long unless he cleanses it. This can be done by executing an up-special on opponents. Also, the debuff will be attached to the opponent after a successful attack.


  • The ability cooldown for Stripe and his teammates will be reduced by 10%.

Triple Jump

  • Stripe and his allies will have the ability to do an extra jump if they land a hit on an opponent in mid-air.

Best Allies for Stripe

Even though Stripe can hold his own in Multiversus, the main event in this game is the 2v2 aspect. The right combination of characters can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This also holds true for the Mogwai. One character that gels really well with Stripe is non-other than Gizmo. He provides support while Stripe dishes out the damage.

Thus, Steven Universe, Reindog, and Bugs Bunny can make rather useful allies for Stripe. The former will provide shields and boosts while the latter can help out with melee damage. In Multiversus, the Assassin/Hybrid class is tailor-made to stand toe-to-toe with opponents. Therefore, Stripe can actually be an excellent choice for 1v1 matches, as well.

Ground Attacks

Nasty Swipes

  • Stripe will unleash a flurry of claw attacks, finishing things off with a bite.

Bouncin’ Buzzsaw

  • Stripe will hurl buzzsaws as projectiles that glides across the surface of the map. Another handy trick is knowing that they can travel up on walls. Which can knock players off. Another useful feature is that Stripe can throw these saws at his ally, which will spin around them, providing a temporary shield.

Shh, It’s a Surprise

  • This down attack will enable Stripe to drop a boombox and shoot it with a crossbow. This will cause the opponent to launch into the air, providing distance and an opportunity for an air attack. Plus, this move is also effective when an opponent is aggressively approaching players. Executing this move will actually invade attacks while knocking back enemies.

All Claw’d Up

  • This is Stripe’s standard up attack. He will kick his opponent up into the air, then he will bite them. This is a powerful combo, which can easily knock the opponent out of the ring.

Air Attacks

Aerial Buzzsaw

  • Stripe will launch buzzsaws, which will fly across the arena at a 45-degree angle. He can also charge up to increase damage.

Comin’ Atcha

  • Stripe will double-claw slash his enemies in mid-air. This can be effective as a stand-alone attack. However, it is best used as a follow-up attack after landing a hit with the aerial buzzsaw.

Look Out Below

  • This is Stripe’s aerial down attack. He will slash at the scalp of his opponent while in mid-air. This attack can inflict great damage and it is most effective for a one-hit knockout. Not to mention, out of ring aerial battles.


  • Stripe’s chomp is an extremely damaging attack. This up attack has massive knockback potential. This also holds true with this “nasty swipes” ground attack. Even though it has a pretty short range, landing a “chomp attack” can really help turn the tide of matches all throughout Multiversus.

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