What the Hell Did They Do to Devil May Cry?


As much as I generally can’t stand Hollywood reboots, I at least understand them. Sometimes a company loses the rights to a property, the central actor or director doesn’t want to return to a popular series, or they simply want a fresh face for character people are sick of. But I didn’t think that really applied in the video game world.

What we see here is a new trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot, one I don’t really get at all. They’ve taken the white-haired, suave Dante, and rebooted him as some twenty-something dude with spiked brown hair who looks almost like uh, me, from certain angles. Additionally, the art style has been changed from the usual bright and flashy DMC style to something that more resembles a similar game in the hack ‘n slash genre, God of War.

I just don’t understand why this was necessary. Why do such a dramatic reworking of a character everyone likes? I get that game characters can  be rebooted from time to time, but it’s like when they were reinventing Lara Croft for the new Tomb Raider game, they made her have blonde hair, blue eyes and threw her in a velour tracksuit. This is just a shift that doesn’t make sense to me.

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  1. from what i heard, and im most def wrong, but the game was originally planned as something else but since it was close to DMC and the game needed to get some traction, someone in the companies signed off to just call it a new DMC…looks decent tho

  2. I dunno, man. Doesn’t seem that drastic of a reboot. They changed his hair and made him 5 years younger so they could engage a new generation of gamers. It’s not like they put nipples on the batsuit.

  3. Looks like shit. Not just the hair, everything about DmC looks like a big chunk of generic Ameritrash. America needs to keep it’s tasteless hands off of great Japanese series. They did the same thing with Lost Planet, by giving LP3 to an American company, they ruined it by getting rid of everything that made LP2 unique.

    Come at me, reverse-weeaboos. America sucks at making games and sucks harder and adapting Japanese games.

  4. I was actually kinda pissed at how this looks although I was excited when I heard a new DMC was coming out but when I saw it I was like who is that guy lol not sure what happened here but ok gameplay looks ok but not sure I like the change in character kinda takes away from a good series.

  5. I’m your huckleberry Mr. Right. Final Fantasy is garbage. Learn to write good dialogue and stories Japanese devs. If you did maybe you’d sell games outside of your tiny little island.

  6. During the early development phase for the game there were rumors going around that the “Dante” that you see in the trailers isn’t actually Dante and that the world you see in the game play isn’t real either. Now, whether or not it’s a fantasy, dream, alternate reality what have you I don’t know…

  7. Honestly, I think this game looks great. Ninja Theory’s games have been amazing when it comes to characters and story, something the previous DMC games have been lacking. The combat looks to be on par with what we would expect from a DMC game, and the world shifting aspects look to make platforming a blast.

    Dante still seems like a cocky asshole in most of the trailers, the only thing that’s different is the hair and grungy appearance. And the hair turns white in devil trigger, or whatever they’ll call it this time. For all we know, seeing as this is a younger Dante, his hair will be permanently white by the end of the game. And would you have rather played as ANOTHER character that looks just like Dante a la’ DMC 4?

    I guess I just don’t understand why a game about a rock and roll demon slayer is getting lambasted primarily over hair color, and how because of that minor aesthetic change the game is automatically “shit” and “destroying DMC.” If DMC 2 didn’t kill the franchise, I doubt this one will.

    The game does seem to be harping on a pretty strong political agenda, that would be a far more valid fan complaint over “OMG, his hairstyle, LOOK AT HIS HAIRSTYLE!!!”

  8. Eleven responses so far, and no one has commented that he actually DOES look a bit like uh, Paul Tassi.

    And Mr. Right is wrong. American game developers are awesome. Two examples of bad ports/adaptations does not prove your point, you racist ass.

  9. Okay, everyone… you may not have noticed, or recognized the significance of, the British flag on Dante’s arm… but Ninja Theory is a British developer.

    As for the reboot itself, I like the new Dante’s look and I’m interested in the game… or at least I won’t judge it ’till I’ve played it.

  10. i was skeptical at first when I saw the first trailer way back when. But as long as the mechanics and story/dialogue is still good, then i’ll give it a shot. The only real major change to me seems to be Dante, and I believe it was to appeal to western audiences, Classic Dante seems too much like an anime character and with the flood of “Vampire/Supernatural” shows/movies/books I’m assuming they’re trying to capture a new market. Either way, new look or old dante will always be a pretty boy so why complain about a different haircut.

  11. Why mess with his appearance? I am quite bothered by his new look. So much so that I couldn’t care less if the game is good or bad, there are many others out there. This one looks too much like GOD. I think most people would be annoyed if they gave them a Twilight Saga version of Kratos, Snake or any of their favorite videogame characters like they have done to DMC fans.

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