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Announcing My New Site: Cosplay Couture

Well, it’s been in the works for a while now, but things have been up and running long enough where I thought it was finally time to let you all know the news. As a personal side-project, I wanted to start up a cosplay website as I’ve sort of been hooked on the concept since I first discovered it writing here years ago. There’s just something about people dressing up in elaborately made costumes of pop culture icons that’s just so damn cool to me, and I didn’t see many non-Tumblr, non-Deviantart blog-type sites out there focusing on the scene. I wanted to make a site to put the spotlight on the cosplayers and photographers for all their hard work.

And so Cosplay Couture was born. I designed it myself in photoshop, my web man GrandmasterB put it all together and NattyB hooked me up with ads to keep the lights on. It’s been up for a few months now, and I’ve posted close to 150 galleries spanning comics, movies, TV shows and video games. I do about three a day, so if you like girls in badass costumes (and guys, but it’s female dominated scene to be sure), it might be a place to bookmark and check in with every day. Also, none of this affects my duties at  Unreality FYI, and I’m writing just as much as ever here.

To give you a taste of what I’ve put up so far, below you can find fifteen of my favorite galleries on the site so far. I think you’ll agree that they’re pretty incredible. But first, all the info:




The best-of gallery showcase starts below, or feel free to head to the site directly. Thanks much, and let me know what you think!

(click on any of these to go to the full gallery)

Aela the Huntress (by Chloe Dykstr)

Loki (by SithCamaro)

Neytiri (by Undercover Envy)

Lady Punisher (by VampBeauty)

Robin (by Summer Bukoski)

Wonder Woman (by Meagan Marie)

Korra (by JouninK)

Zero Suit Samus (by The Bird – The Bee)

Diablo Monk (by ZerinaX)

Black Widow (by Alexia Jean Grey)

Hagrid (by Lucas Ryan)

Lady Cyclops (by NadyaSonika)

Katarina (by Tasha)

 Lady Gambit (by Jeanne Killjoy)

Femshep (by Crystal Graziano)

That should be enough to get your started! Check back daily for more.

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  1. First glance, I like that the site showcases more effort-oriented costumes and not “Female in spandex / swimsuit sticking her ass and tits out”.

    Not that I don’t like those kinds of things, but it gets a little intelligence insulting after a while.

    Keep it up, though cosplay isn’t my thing usually, I like unrealitymag! Thanks!

  2. @Bad Acid

    I’m confused. You say, “Not that I don’t like those kinds of things, but it gets a little intelligence insulting after a while.” If you like those things, then how is anyone insulting your intelligence by posting pictures of them?

  3. Ok I used to hate on cosplaying, but then I bought a Bane mask for Halloween and was saying things like, “Gotham… Take BACK your city!” all night long. Its not exactly cosplay, but I can understand how people can still have fun dressed in unlikely outfits.

  4. @GrandWazoo @Mandy
    Yeah, pretty much what Mandy said. It’s one thing to be all “heheh boobs *drool*” occasionally, but when a lot of ‘cosplay’ sites or pages only feature people who are:
    slim or skinny
    white or Asian
    showing something risque

    You can’t help but think, “…but what about the other people who really tried? What about the people who may not have photoshopped, glamour shot bodies, but still manage to put together a kickin rad costume?”
    Yeah, I’ll fall into ‘cleavage thumbnail’ traps, but that still doesn’t mean I like it when there’s so many others left out because they lack sex appeal.

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