Robot Learns How To Cook Pizza By Watching Youtube And Reading WikiHow

As many of us already know it’s simply a matter of time before robots completely take over the world Terminator style.  At this point it’s really not a question of if anymore.   When a robot decided to destroy a harmless worker on an assembly line at a car factor earlier this year, we got a small glimpse of what the future might hold.

Robots are learning.  They are getting smarter and they’re even beginning to reason.  And this video is yet more proof.  How did we miss this one?  The video was taken back in 2013 of a PR2 humanoid who learned how to cook pizza and pancakes simply from watching Youtube and reading Wikipedia.

The researchers behind the four-year project see exploring ways to teach robots to understand language as the route to achieving their goal. They aim to enable machines to perform everyday human-scale activities as competently as humans. Put simply, they want to be able to tell a robot what to do rather than needing to program it to perform each precise movement.

The experiment, which was part of a European project called RoboHow, was designed to help enslave humanity by secretly adding mind-controlling substances to our food. It’s like how the government adds fluoride to drinking water to weaken our bones.

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