What One Man’s Epic Minecraft Journey Was For…..Wait for It

minecraft 2

Believe me Minecraft fans, in no way am I taking away from any of your experiences on the Mincraft “battlefield.”  However, when I saw the graphic you are about to see, I couldn’t resist posting it on here.  Often times many of us feel alone, frustrated, even miffed at many of the Minecraft journeys we so often begin.

But what is the point?  Where do they take us?  What in fact are we getting out of it?  As you’ll see shortly, one man explains it all, and explains it quite well.

minecraft journey

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  1. Lol I’ve been getting sucked back into Minecraft and I can attest. They do a great job of offering you cool items to build, except the materials you need to make them require fighting some of the hardest enemies head-on.

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