That Guy Actor of the Week: Matt Walsh

Anyone who has seen The Hangover knows exactly who Matt Walsh is.   He’s the sarcastic doctor who doesn’t care at all about anyone’s problems.   But you also might remember Walsh from way before that.   He was a colleague of Luke Wilson’s in Old School who eventually becomes a pledge at the end of the movie.

The bottom line on Walsh is that he’s hilarious.   He’s just funny in a very genuine, dry kind of a way.   Most recently he’s in a recurring role on Veep and he’s absolutely perfect for this show.   Managing political conflict with his “ninja” self is such an awesome role for him.

I doubt he’ll ever star in anything but it doesn’t matter.   He’s such an awesome comedy side guy that I had to mention him.   A clip of Walsh after the jump….


Remember this scene?

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  1. how can you have an article on matt walsh and fail to mention that he is one of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade?? Thats where I was originally introduced to him (as well as Amy Poehler). UCB was not only the funniest sketch comedy show to ever air, but the UCB theater was where many of todays big tv comedians got their start.

    any article about matt needs to mention UCB.

  2. My personal favorite appearances of him are either in Community as Joshua, the racist trampoline owner, or his role in Mystery Team where he tells a co-worker “Sometimes I really wish you didn’t beat that cancer.”

    I think Donald Glover said that his favorite thing about Matt Walsh is that he can say the meanest things possible and still be utterly likeable through his delivery.

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