Facebook Profile Pictures in Skyrim

Alright, so my title might be a *touch* misleading, as you won’t find iPhone pictures of Argonians, Khajiit, Nords or Brettons inside. What you will find however are in-progress shots of a wicked set of  Nightengale Armor, which everyone knows was far and away the coolest stealth set in the game.

The designer and model is Aicosu, and you might recognize her (but you probably won’t) as Korra in the picture I posted a few days ago. Grey makeup and a wicked suit of armor kind of change your appearance quite a lot however.

Check out the full gallery below, and hopefully once she’s done, she’ll hook up with a professoinal photographer for some awesome shots.

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  1. Goddamn it, fuck Skyrim. The only reason this bitch is doing it is cause Skyrim is popular enough to get her more attention, than ridicule for being a geek. If anything, TES has been getting worse since Morrowind.

    Ye, I’m mad.

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