The Unreal Life: “Loot Problems”

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Why yes, I do still have ideas for webcomics on occasion, and I’m proud to share another installment of “The Unreal Life” with you after a few months on hiatus. Of course, this was inspired by the game I’ve played most recently: Diablo 3.

The “loot problem” in question? The fact that the first time through the game on each difficulty, bosses do NOT drop rare items, even Diablo himself. Conversely, every legendary item I have managed to find has been off of a regular minion, a normal chest or a broken barrel. It’s rather perplexing.

Of course you can find amazing items killing Diablo with five stacks of valor and of course barrels drop crap most of the time, but it’s still a rather strange system. And yes, that’s my male Barb and Female monk pictured. What can I say? I like melee-ing.

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  1. Does Diablo 3 have “MF”? Haven’t played it yet and I don’t really plan to, but removing MF is like replacing Diablo with Satan from South Park.

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