The Cutest Little Link You Ever Did See

Do you have a kid? Do you think they’re adorable? Well you’re wrong. At least when compared to this kid, who is far cuter than yours as he is dressed up like the Tiny Hero of Time, and yours is not.

If we were having a Halloween costume contest (wait, maybe we will, hmm), I would declare it over after seeing this entry. Through the magic of cuteness and photo shop, this has to be one of the best Link renditions I’ve seen.

I mean sure, even young Link wasn’t like two years old, he was at least eight or nine, and this kid is more likely to kill Ganondorf with the smell of a stinky diaper than with his Master Sword (err, Master Dagger in this case), but it’s still an awesome project. Good work Eric Dee, your kid is cute and you are talented.

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