Diablo IV – What is the Codex of Power?

Diablo IV comes with many cryptic secrets to unravel, including the Codex of Power. New players may have come across this and not understand the significance of it. Generally, the Codex of Power is an account that keeps track of various perks that can be embedded into a player’s gear called ‘Legendary Aspects.’ The only way to embed Aspects on gear is through Occultists that are randomly placed throughout the map. Through a certain price, of course, they will assist you with this feature. When it comes to the Codex of Power, there are some subtle layers to it that players must know.

The first thing to know is that finding a Codex of Power within a dungeon will be stored in the account permanently. There are hundreds of them to find throughout Diablo IV. Thus, there will be even more coming in upcoming Seasons. Aspects can’t be stacked. They can only be embedded, or imprinted, one time per item. So, being selective on what kind of Legendary Aspect should be imprinted on an item is recommended. This is especially true when extracting Aspects from certain types of gear. There is a balancing act with it comes to working with Legendary Aspects and players will need to be vigilant on what kind of gear they want to use.

Now, Aspects work in different ways. More often than not, players will find an Aspect that will be associated with only a particular class. Therefore, they tend to not be very universal. Generally, these will be along the lines of increasing stats, a buff, or some other perk. When exploring the map, players can hover the cursor over a certain dungeon and they will be notified of what treasures it holds. This kind of helps players save time from completing dungeons that don’t reap the rewards that they’re looking for. The Codex of Power has many slots to fill. So, there’s no shortage of how many Aspects players can collect. Just note that only Legendary, or higher, loot can equip Aspects to their build.

Finding Occultists

Occultists won’t be highlighted on a map until players find their first Aspect. After this happens, their Quest Log will be updated. A new assignment called Extraction and Imprinting will now be available for you to look at. The Quest Log will lead you to the nearest Occultists to do business with. Alternatively, if players happen to reach Level 25 without acquiring an Aspect, then Occultist will show up by default. Of course, the best course of action is to find an Aspect as soon as possible. Because these perks will give players the edge they will need to fight through Sanctuary in Diablo IV. So, be sure to explore dungeons and see what you can find first. Completing dungeons is one of the best ways to gain XP and acquire all manner of loot.

Extracting Gear

Even though it is established that the most common way to get Aspects is by completing dungeons, there is another way. Visit an Occultist and let them extract an aspect from a piece of gear. Now, be sure that that is something that you want to do. Because extracting Aspects will destroy the gear. Hence, the Aspect will be stored in the Codex of Power for storage. Therefore, players will be free to mix and match an Aspect with another piece of higher-Tier loot. So, this isn’t something to take lightly. Be sure to study and read about what Aspects have to offer before extracting. Because sometimes, it may be best just to use the default gear that it’s attached to.

Imprinting Aspects

As mentioned before, Aspects can’t be stacked on a single item. However, players can imprint on various pieces of gear, which builds up the stats for the character. This is pretty much the only way to effectively “stack” Legendary Aspects. Coupled with elixirs, players can do massive damage on the battlefield. On top of that, imprinting isn’t cheap either. It will cost you a certain amount of gold and 10 Veiled Crystals to imprint gear. There are five different towns to visit in Diablo IV. Each one will have an Occultist to speak to regarding the Codex of Power. Aspects come in different forms, which will be labeled into certain categories.

Legendary Aspect Categories

Legendary Aspects come in several different categories in the Codex of Power. Many are generally related to certain characters, while a few can be universal. Whatever the case, there are various perks to try out. Pretty much every piece of higher-Tier equipment can have Legendary Aspects imprinted on them. Even right down to the rings. The selection of Aspects that are now available is robust and there’s even more coming shortly. As for now, the following lays out what to generally expect with Diablo IV’s current build.


  • Power is mostly increased by 50% with; helmets, armor, pants, and amulets.


  • Boots and amulets will have their power boosted by 50%.


  • This usually entails rings and boosting their powers by a certain percentage.


  • Armor, pants, helmets, and amulets have their power boosted by 50%.


  • One-handed weapons and Two-Hand Weapons will have more power by 100%. On top of that, rings, amulets, and gloves will have a higher power of 50%.


The Codex of Power is a nice way to fine-tune a character’s build in Diablo IV. It takes a little getting used to in terms of navigating the menu and deciphering what everything means. The Legendary Aspects offer an additional layer to buff up builds, which certainly can come in handy with the higher World Tiers. So, whenever a player comes across an Aspect for their gear, swing by and talk to an Occultists to see how they can help. Diablo IV is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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