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Destiny 2 is just as incredible as the first game, and just like the original, you’ll find three main classes with a host of subclasses to make your selection from. How’s a player to choose? We’ve got you covered with this handy guide to the classes in Destiny 2. Some of the types are new, but you’ll find some reworked favorites from the previous installation and The Taken King expansion. There’s plenty to work with here whether you’re a completionist or you want to blast through a couple of times for the fun of it.

Each subclass has the same general build: a class ability, a grenade, and a melee power up. You’ll be able to choose from two different skill trees as well. Fine-tuning your play style to suit your preferences is one of the things we love about Destiny and so many other games these days. One of our favorite things about the way classes and subclasses work in Destiny 2 is the fact that none of the builds are so specialized that it would prevent them from being useful in every situation. Gone is the era when your choices were ‘red or blue.’ Here are the classes, with their subclasses and abilities.


The Hunter class is easy to identify. Preferring light armor, hunters tend toward a slender build and wear hooded cloaks. This is the only class that wears a hooded cloak. Additionally, they carry a special blade known simply as the Hunter Knife, which they employ for stealthy killing as well as regular melee combat. They were once outlaws of the wasteland and worked mostly alone. However, your Hunter can be a valuable member of any team, especially with a good build.


With their Golden Gun, a gunslinger can deal precision damage. This powerful weapon gives you three shots that will cause massive damage to any enemies you hit. The area effect power is also useful for driving enemies in the direction you want them to go. A Gunslinger is best at long-range combat situations, so get some distance to be the most effective if you choose this subclass for your character. Moreover, you can escape your enemies with the class ability modifiers, Marksman’s Dodge, and Gamblers Dodge.


Arcstriders are the exact opposite of their Gunslinger companions. The Arc Staff is made to allow you devastating close-quarters combat. If you’re seeking an acrobatic character, then this is the right subclass for you. With Skip, Flux, and Arcbolt grenades creating multiple projectiles, a stick-on effect that deals additional damage or chain lightning effects, you’ll find this class does a bang-up job.


You’ll have to complete the Nightstalkers Trail quest to get your hands on this particular subclass option. With double and triple jump capabilities, you’ll be able to escape groups of enemies or attack from above, not to mention reaching the high shelves in your kitchen with ease. We love the Shadestep ability because it gets you out of harm’s way if there’s a projectile with tracking following your Nightstalker around the area. After all, not getting blown up is always helpful.


Titans are the easiest to play, and most useful for solo campaigning. The ability to return from the brink of death over and over is especially useful. If this is your first playthrough, you’ll probably want to try out a Titan first. The other classes are just as good, but Titans are hard to kill. They’re the closest thing this game has to a real “tank” archetype. It was the Titans who built The Wall and died defending it. Players seeking a long history of honor will love this class. Game wiki calls the Titans “heroic defenders of the light.”


Seeking some close-quarters combat? Do you prefer to fight with your fists, the traditional way? Strikers use their Fist of Havoc to smash through anything that gets in their way with their own two hands. Smash into the ground and destroy nearby enemies with an Arc of light. Alternately you can use the Stormfist melee attack to deal rapid-fire punishment to any enemy foolish enough to get near your Titan.


The sentinel shiels summons a ‘void of light,’ to bash, smash and even throw at your enemies. This highly effective weapon is one of the many cool powers of this new to Destiny subclass. We especially like the magnetic grenade that not only attaches to enemies but also explodes twice.


The reimagined Sunbreaker class from The Taken King can be gotten from The Sunbreakers Challenge quest. These glorious, blazing heroes are amazing at controlling a crowd. For players seeking a mercenary with no desire to live in the sanctuary of the City, a Sunbreaker is just right for you. Use the subclass armor (Immolation Fists) to get the Explosive Pyre skill for free.


A modern magician needs all the powers gained from years of studying The Traveler and the latest gear to prosper. If you’re a player who likes high tech and wants to play a magic-wielding class, but you can never decide, Destiny has a perfect solution in the form of the Warlock. A round helm and longer lines in the clothing give this class its unique look. Plus, warlocks recover quickly, which is a significant bonus.


The Dawnblade subclass is new to Destiny 2. Use your class superability Daybreak to create blades made of pure light. Smite them from the skies. Meanwhile, you can conjure up a Healing Rift or Empowering Rift to help your companions along like the avenging angel you truly are.


Manipulate Void energy to decimate your foes. Voidwalkers have the Nova Bomb ability that lets them throw bolts of Void energy. For a more shrapnel-like effect, the Axion bolt bombs break off into smaller pieces that fork off and seek out attackers.


Stormcallers are true to their names, with a super ability called Stormtrance that lets you fire off Arc lightning from your hands. One of our favorite ‘upgrade’ ability modifiers in the game is Perpetual Charge. With this modifier, you recharge your melee every time one of your grenades kills an enemy. Likewise, every time you score a melee kill the grenade recharges. That’s one hell of an excellent way to stay in the fight if you ask us.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer a stealthy approach, an outright smite-fest, or a fantastic techno-wizard, Destiny 2 has something for every play style. We love the nine custom subclasses that let you take your basic characters to the next level. The whole world is gorgeously rendered and full of plenty of action and adventure for all comers. What’s your favorite class and subclass so far? Let us know why in the comments.

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