Meet Your Maker: How To Redirect The Harvester

Meet Your Maker has everything set up to where the harvester will automatically head for the shortest route toward the Genmat. Many builders don’t realize that it is actually possible to change the harvester’s route. Hence, this is why some Outposts have these long winding paths while others are a straightforward affair. As things currently stand, things are a little rough with this title. In due time, there will be more flexible mechanics for building Outposts. However, things right now offer enough tools to make some rather interesting Outposts, for sure. With that said, working around the harvester can be a little tricky for new builders.

There are a few ways to do this. Every builder knows that if something obstructs the harvester’s path, it will “squeal” and lock up the entire process. Therefore, finding an alternative way for it to travel is one way to fix this. If not, then just keep its default pathway intact. The kicker by doing this is that seasoned Raiders will just zoom their way to the Genmat and escape without a scratch. In order to have a more challenging experience with your Outpost, try and make it more harrowing. Along with branching corridors and tension.

The trick to this is that builders must plan ahead. If they decide to change the harvester’s path mid-way through construction, then things can be a mess. Every burial site comes with a foundation that is pre-set. Therefore, the harvester will be marching toward the Genmet in the shortest way possible. The Raiders will look for this, so try not to make things easy for them. Hence, placing a blockade in front of it will cause it to turn toward an alternative route. This needs to happen within the outer rims of the Outpost. This will cause the harvester to take a long way around to the other side of the Outpost. From there, players can carve out a new way for the harvester to make its way to the Genmat.

Take The Long Approach

By doing this, builders can begin constructing hallways, rooms, or arenas that are far away from the Genmat. Then, they can go from there. In Meet Your Maker a stretched Outpost is a very different experience than a short one. It’s ultimately a more epic and satisfying experience for the Raiders. It makes the Outpost feel like an actual level out of Quake II and its ilk. This should be something that builders should shoot for. With that said, there are actually multiple ways for the harvester to arrive and leave from the Genmat. Beginning builders may be a little intimidated by dealing with the little, cubed creature. This is why it is best to think ahead, have a vision and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Build Alternative Escape Plans

It is possible to make a primary path, only to have it transform into corrosive cubes or something else after the Genmat has been stolen. Some builders may have struggled with this idea. Because the harvester will refuse to acknowledge this path even with the corrosive cubes have the Second Wave mod attached. Apparently, the harvester needs two distinct ways to and from the Genmat. So, it is possible to have one way lined up with corrosive cubes, only to have another path available for the harvester to use after the Genmat is picked up. This is something that maybe builders can mull over.

Align Hallways With Angles

Alternatively, another way around this is by lining up the walls with the angled variation of building cubes. The flooring can be a holograph or even a corrosive cube all the way through from the beginning. The harvester will walk around the traps and stay along the sides among the slopes. This can be a little tricky to pull off, but it is possible. The harvester isn’t too picky about the terrain, it just doesn’t like players messing with its pre-set path that much. Doing this will also provide some extra places to hide traps. This also will give the overall design a distinct look that will stick to the minds of Raiders.

Make A Shelling Around The Genmat

Builders can actually make a dome, pyramid, bridge, or walkway above and around the Genmat. Start at the foundation of the burial site, then simply create an inclined plain that will force the harvester to climb way above the Genmat and march to the other side of the structure. Then, loop it around and have it start its journey from the other side of the burial site. This is kind of an odd way to go about things, but it is a viable alternative nonetheless. Thusly, builders can establish traps like the Plasma Sentinal, Boltshots, and even the Iron Claw at the outer parameters of this setup. These traps are effective within tightly knit corridors, but they’re equally deadly outside as well. Not to mention the Hornets are formidable foes in the outdoors. With all the extra air space, they’re extra hard to hit.


This is only the beginning of Meet Your Maker. There are thousands of unique Outposts out there that each offer a unique challenge. The hard part about building Outposts is dealing with the harvester. It can be a little annoying at the beginning of all this, but once players figure out its behavior patterns, then it becomes no big deal. Meet Your Maker is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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