Now That’s a Real Life Portal Cake

(click to enlarge)

A thousand nerds the world over have probably had a loved one make them a fictional Portal cake for their birthday at least once these past few years, but there hasn’t been one like this.

It’s a Portal cake, with actual portals, and just might be the most genius geek pastry creation I’ve seen. And I see a lot of nerdy cakes doing this job. The gun is just an added bonus, but the way they cut it at a diagonal makes it look even cooler.

Now, a full scale GLaDOS cake? Someone get on that. One more picture of the cake below:

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  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again..

    God damn it Paul, you need to spend more time proof reading.
    Almost every article you write contains blunders that you should be ashamed of if you are to call yourself a writer.

  2. Quit being so nitpicky anon. I’ve seen grammar and spelling mistakes in some of the best fiction novels, who actually have EDITORS. Get over urself.

  3. I do agree with Anon, he should at least proof read the stuff he types before posting it.
    Other than that, interesting idea for the cake lol. I made my own Portal Cake, it didn’t really too much like the actual Portal Cake, but at least it was delicious and moist 🙂

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