The Ultimate Guide For Completing the Eriana’s Vow Catalyst in Destiny 2

Most avid “Destiny 2” players have the same complaint about getting stuck in certain parts of the game. Eriana’s Vow Catalyst is the one part that takes hours upon hours to complete. There is no getting around the fact that it will take you a while, but isn’t that part of the fun in playing the game? If it wasn’t a challenge, it would get boring, but this is one task that goes beyond the real or reason into the sublime of ridiculousness. While some purists will continue to insist on slogging through no matter how long it takes, the rest of us would like to get it over with as quickly as possible. To help you achieve this goal, we’ve prepared The Ultimate Guide For Completing the Eriana’s Vow Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Tips to make the journey smoother

We liked the tips that Alt Char offered for making the Eriana’s Vow Catalyst a bit more tolerable. They cut directly through the rhetoric and point out that there will be a lot of activities that you can’t bypass. They’ve got to be completed to get you to the nine bullet boss killer. There are a few simple solutions that can make it seem less monotonous.

Tip #1: The Exotic Hand Cannon/Sniper Rifle

This is a hybrid weapon that is used during the activities during the first part of the game, so it’s a good place to start. This is a slow progression that is going to seem like it takes forever until you reach level 22. This is where the progression of the catalyst will multiply by four times. If you haven’t reached that level yet, take heart. You can get some decent boosts from getting the Season Pass to help out until you reach the level. Bear in mind that killing things with Eirana’s Vow is not required for progression. Do equip the hand cannon/sniper rifle with as much as possible though. Complete the Gambit, Crucible matches, and strikes going, and keep Eriana’s Vow catalyst on all your characters’ load-outs to get the fastest speed on progression.

What is Eriana’s Vow good for?

Eriana’s Vow catalyst is a good weapon for strikes, Crucible, and Gambit activities. For strikes you get one shot on any base of the enemy at it doesn’t matter where they get hit. You get one elite shot at enemies featuring a precision hit. The smaller bosses show up with a health bar that is bright orange. Eriana’s Vow can take them down in a single clip and sometimes even less than that if your precision shooting is up to par. For the big bosses, you’ll need more than a clip but the weapon is efficient and recommended for taking them on. Eriana’s Vow is also efficient for damaging shields.

You can simply have Eriana’s Vow equipped and complete Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit matches the way you normally would and the progression will keep going. Furthermore, Eriana’s Vow catalyst progression is shared among all characters on an account so keep it in all of your characters’ load-outs for maximum progression speed.

For crucible activities, Eriana’s Vow gives you a two tap on a Guardian, and in most cases, a body shot or headshot does the trick unless Overshield is in play. This makes it necessary for two. If you’re a warlock you can use Eriana’s Vow with Empowering Rift for precision hits and one-shot enemies. Here’s a bonus tip for newbies. After you complete 5 crucible matches and you visit the Tower to see Lord Shaxx, you will earn the Tirastrella Ghost Shell. For Gambit activities, Eriana’s Vow devastates NPCs and Guardian enemies. You can use it to finish off a Primeval if your Super doesn’t get the job done with Eriana’s Vow. These are some pretty impressive features. It’s a weapon that you’ll want to keep around, even after the catalyst has been completed. Although you have to achieve 700 kills with Eirana’s Vow, you should be able to complete it in a set of Vanguard bounties. To check the progress of the catalyst you may go to the mods pat of the weapon.

Completing Eriana’s Vow quickly

Game Rant also gives us some good advice about speeding up the process for completing Eriana’s Vow Catalyst. This is an exotic catalyst that gets stronger so the impetus is to complete the catalyst for the extra power. A few other benefits include a greater capacity for ammo along with an auto-loading perk. It can be difficult to unlock Eriana’s Vow catalyst but it’s well worth it. The average progress is under one percent for each match, and this is why it’s recommended to get the Premium Season Pass to increase the progression. One way to speed up the progression is through Scorched matches. These skirmishes are short and fast, taking half the time of the regular Crucible games which last an average of 10 minutes and sometimes longer. Scorched is on the Rotator Playlist and it’s only available by Bungie now and then so you need to keep your eye out for it. Even with Scorched matches, you should expect the progress to be slow.

Is Eriana’s Vow catalyst bugged?

This is a common question because of the slow speed of the catalyst. The answer is no, it’s not bugged. According to Forbes, Those who play “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep” is available during the first tier. It’s a great weapon that just keeps getting better. A Catalyst quest from Banshee is provided not long after receiving Eriana’s Vow. This is where you’re prompted to use it in the three major activities. The good thing is that you get to watch the percent meter fill as you progress, so you know what kind of progress you’re making. The bad part is that it doesn’t look like it’s ever moving at all. You can complete a series of Crucible matches along with several strikes and the meter may show as little as one percent gain in the progress. One would naturally believe that there is a bug in the game and that it’s a serious problem.

The progression explained

As Forbes points out, the progression of the catalyst does need some explanation to fully understand how it works. When you get the Season Rank pass, the Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha unlock makes the progress go twice as fast. There is another big boost at rank 22, where the Catalyst Quest Boost Omega unlocks makes the progress go with three times the speed. This means that a great deal of patience is required until you reach level 11. It still doesn’t move at lightning speed, but at least it makes quicker progress at these two points. It gives you something to shoot for and look forward to achieving. We celebrate small victories. So for those of you who are still struggling and wonder if there’s something wrong, there isn’t. It’s the way this aspect of Destiny 2 has been designed and the progress is going to continue to seem unreasonably slow no matter what you do.

Must you use the hand cannon in every match?

According to The Gamer, you do not need to use the hand cannon for every match. They explain that the meter will continue to rise slowly. It’s going to rise slowly anyway. You’ll see the greatest progress after the 22nd rank.

What is the fastest way to complete Eriana’s Vow catalyst?

According to players who have put in the time, there are a few things that you can do to make the process go faster. The Steam Community¬† weighs in with their tips that were hard-gained by experience. Some players completed theirs in crucible survival and comment that it helped with achieving Luna at the same time. Some are not that concerned with the benefits because the extra bullets in the magazine are not worth grinding hard on completion of the catalyst in their opinion, but this is only one point of view. Even if the weapon is left in the vault, progress continues to be earned. This is a point that is worth considering. Some believe that the fastest activity in the crucible playlist is mayhem. You get 2 points for Gambit prime, but some encourage you to combine it with other weapons so you don’t get too caught up in the obsession for completing it. You do, however, need to keep the gun in your inventory or it won’t count.

Eriana’s Vow catalyst has sparked an ongoing debate

Bungie forums are filled with those who are pro Eriana’s Vow and those who think that it’s a total waste of time. This is a debate that is not going to end anytime soon if ever. The developers created this aspect of the game as a slow-progressing catalyst. Could it be possible that it wasn’t intended to be completed with record speed? While the slow progression is driving some players out of their minds with frustration, others can see it for what it is. It’s one of those things requiring patience. There is little you can do to hasten the completion. One thing that it has one. It has brought people together both for and against. They’re talking about it and sharing their perspectives with the pros and the cons. It seems that the pursuit of Eriana’s Vow catalyst is a thing that will remain a matter of personal preference. Not everyone is happy with it. For some, the benefits are simply not worth the frustration they feel. If you can make it through about 700 matches, then you’ll likely have completed it. Sometimes knowing that there is an end in sight can be helpful.

Enjoying the journey

Eriana’s Vow is one of those exotic benefits that become a part of the journey as you navigate your way through the game. Although it doesn’t signal victory at completion, it takes you one step closer to achieving it. Perhaps the best way to view this weapon is as an effective weapon. It will continue to improve over time. Maybe we all need to learn how to have a little more patience. In the gaming world, we’ve become accustomed to finding cheats or fast ways around obstacles. This is one that just doesn’t have my official cheat codes or way around it. The best that you can do is continue to play the fastest possible matches. Then continue working towards the end goal. You will eventually get there so long as you keep the weapon in your inventory. Whether you choose to use it all the time or not is a matter of personal preference.

Eriana’s Vow is a weapon that does have some great features. It’s powerful when you use it against some foes from the very first tier of the game. At least it offers some great perks along with way. “Destiny 2: Shadowlands” doesn’t have a bug and the slow process is not an intentional act by the developers. It is progressing as it was intended from the beginning. Our Ultimate Guide for completing the catalyst offers a few tips to make progress move at a slow pace that is more rapid, but it’s still going to be slow going. It’s a great weapon even though you must complete hundreds of matches as you work towards completion of the catalyst to reap the benefits.

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