How to Get the Witherhoard Catalyst in Destiny 2

In the summer of 2020, the quest to obtain Witherhoard and its catalyst in the popular video game “Destiny 2” became a hot topic among gamers’ forums. The powerful new weapon was one of many new player experiences that arrived for the season.

Witherhoard is an exotic grenade launcher that gives you more firepower but it’s even mightier when you get its catalyst. Fortunately, those who have made the journey and completed the quest have shared their experiences so the rest of us, hopefully, will have an easier time of it.

Here is how to get the Witherhoard Catalyst in “Destiny 2.”

Two ways to obtain the Witherhoard exotic grenade launcher

There are two ways that you can get the Witherhoard grenade launcher. According to Prime games, the easiest way is to purchase the Season of Arrivals Season Pass.

This is an effortless way to unlock the launcher and it completes the first step in your quest. If you choose not to purchase the full version of the Pass, you can still obtain Witherhoard, but it’s going to take some time and effort.

The weapon will not be available until you’ve played for a while and you get to the 35th tier. After you get there it’s time to turn your focus on getting the catalyst that makes the weapon even more effective and powerful.

How to get the Witherhoard Catalyst

The Witherhoard Catalyst is an enhancement that you have to earn. There are several requirements to unlocking this powerful tool for making the grenade launcher better. It involves completing the Bank Job Quest.

The best way to get to level 35 is to go to Crucible and gain as many experience points as you can. There’s no way to get around the fact that you’re going to have to do a lot of grinding to get there, but it will be well worth your time and effort in the end.

Why would you need the Witherhoard Catalyst?

The Catalyst turns your Witherhoar grenade launcher into a weapon that is at its peak in performance. Throughout the game, you’re going to encounter some tough bosses that are almost impossible to defeat unless you have the right weapon. Witherhoard with the Catalyst is a weapon that will melt them down to size so you can kill them and then be off to your next mission.

The Bank Job quest

According to Shack News, the only way to unlock the Witherhoard Catalyst is to earn it by completing the Bank Job quest. Plan in advance on putting in some hours on this one, but it’s going to be fun yet challenging in the process.

This is a long quest with the end goal of earning the Catalyst. It’s is to start the Bank Job with one of the best possible grenade launchers you can find in the game. You’re going to need it to fulfill the requirements of the quest.

  • Step 1 – Start by going to visit Banshee-44. He’s in the Tower. The Gunsmith will grant you the Bank Job quest. This quest is quite laborious involving a lot of fighting and defeating enemies to obtain vault keys. You won’t always get a drop of a key for a kill, but your chances are enhanced if you kill them rapidly. Your first task is to acquire 50 vault keys by making kills.
  • Step 2 – Next, Head to the Kingship Dock on the Tangled Shore. Get all the keys that you can in this or any Lost Sector location.
  • Step 3 – The next stage of the quest is to enter the Crime Spree. It’s going to be a challenge. You must take on both normal enemies as well as Guardians. There are three main objectives for this part of the game. We broke them down with an explanation of each.
  • 300 Filthy Lucre from Gambit, Crucible, and Nightfall – The best way to obtain 300 Filthy Lucre is in Nightfall. A good strategy is to get your Guardian kills out of the way first for more passively earning the Lucre. You’re getting the worst out of the way first.
  • Get 200 Multi-kills with Grenade Launchers – The second requirement is to wipe out as many as you can at one time with grenade launchers. This is why we recommended starting out with the most kick-butt grenade launcher you can get your hands on.
  • 100 Grenade Launcher kills against Guardians – The tougher part is going to be achieving the 100 kills you need against Guardians with a grenade launcher. It’s recommended that or the power weapon you use one that has proximity grenades. It can help you score kills more quickly.
  • Step 4 – The final step in the quest is to return to the tower after you’ve secured the three tasks you set out to do. See Banshee -44 to receive your reward. You’ll get the Witherhoard Exotic Catalyst for completing the objectives of the quest. You’ll gain an automatic reload for the grenade launcher after you’ve holstered it briefly, as well as better handling.

Final thoughts

These are the steps involved in obtaining the Catalyst for Witherhoard. In the end, it’s going to be worth the effort for the extra power you’ll gain from the exotic grenade launcher. It’s not going to be an easy task though.

Be prepared for a long and sometimes challenging quest. There really isn’t any way to get around the fact that you’re going to have to take on a lot of battles and make a significant number of kills to complete all of the required tasks. The Guardians may prove to be the most challenging kills, but stay the course to win the ultimate prize for the quest. We hope that this mini-guide to getting the Witherhoard Catalyst has been helpful.

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