Pokemon Company Purchased Card Printing Company

Pokemon Company card printing group purchased

The Pokemon Company may be more known for their video games to some people, the anime or movies for others, and even the cards for many people but as the games have always involved Game Freak, the anime and movies have their own continuity, Pokemon cards have always stood out as remaining interesting, especially against other trading card games and companies. Pokemon games almost never stop coming out, as well as the anime and a seemingly yearly movie that comes at least with each generation but the Pokemon trading cards have been constantly updated with several sets coming out each year, almost since the incarnation of the game in the 90s. Recently, The Pokemon Company reached an agreement to purchase a trading card printing company, for an undisclosed amount, that has been manufacturing the cards for The Pokemon Company for quite some time, and below we’ll go over the history of the printing company, their existing and future relationship with The Pokemon Company, and more information about the recently purchased card printing company acquisition.

History of The Pokemon Company and Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards started being printed in English in 1998 and only grew from there with fans staying loyal from that very day to new fans every day now in 2022 but the Pokemon Trading Card Game has long extended beyond just the cards with games such as the “Pokemon Trading Card Game” cartridge for the Nintendo Game Boy to the more recent “Pokemon Trading Card Game”, for computers and Android, and the upcoming, and long-delayed mobile and desktop relaunch, “PTCG Live”. From the first full set of Pokemon cards, Base Set, to the upcoming Astral Radiance, the Pokemon Trading Cards have been the most updated and supported form of Pokemon branding. Although the Pokemon Trading Cards have been the most constantly updated and released Pokemon media, each set of Pokemon cards has been inspired by other forms of Pokemon media, such as the upcoming Pokemon GO-inspired Pokemon Trading Card Game set that will use photo-realistic images of the Pokemon featured per card. The Pokemon Company recently spent most of last year celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise with re-prints of favored cards from a variety of older sets, and some newer ones as well to make up the celebratory set. From the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game set, Astral Radiance, Pokemon, specifically forms unseen on Pokemon cards previously, will be making an appearance from “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”. Overall, The Pokemon Company’s investment in their purchase of the card printing company, Millennium Print Group, should prove to be more than worth it with the last investments that fans themselves make within the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Millennium Printing Group

Millennium Print Group has been producing Pokemon cards since 2015, and with an entire community of people built on the error cards that have been produced through various printing companies over the years, its no wonder The Pokemon Company purchased the card printing company in order to keep a more consistent look to Pokemon cards, with less error. On top of printing the Pokemon cards themselves, Millennium Printing Group has also produced The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon Trading Card Game packaging. It has also been stated that while The Pokemon Company has purchased the trading card printing company, they will continue to operate independently, performing other actions within the trading card game industry. Looking towards the future of Pokemon cards, The Pokemon Company announced intentions to grow Millennium Printing Group to become one of the leading manufacturers of trading cards, as well as grow otherwise as well for not just Pokemon-related work, but also for everything the manufacturer does for all of their customers. Regarding the new deal, Millenium Printing Group stated, “Millennium Printing Group has had the pleasure of growing alongside the Pokemon brand and Pokemon Trading Card Game for nearly a decade. In that time, we have had the opportunity to develop an amazing relationship with an expert team at the Pokemon Company International, an organization with a special culture who lives its values every day. This exciting new chapter for the Millennium Printing Group has tremendous beneficial impact for both our business and its employees. We look forward to continuing to support our team members and customers while growing Millennium to be a premier printer for trading cards in the world.” Overall, with the newest acquisition of the card printing company, The Pokemon Company should now be able to successfully tackle any future stock issues with ease, or hopefully devoid them from happening entirely.

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