BioShock Infinite’s Old School Promotion

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Comic artist and favorite of the site Alex Garner has done this rather cool piece of work for the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. It shows the game’s two heroes in the style of J. C. Leyendecker‘s famous Saturday Evening Post imagery, with the titular city, Columbia, behind them.

I’ve still got Bioshock 2 sitting inside its case somewhere near my Xbox. I bought it for eight dollars at Gamestop, along with the original which was somehow two dollars more. I famously ruined that game for myself by playing it on easy, and I’ve never been able to go back and play it properly, or find the motivation to play the sequel yet. Is it worth it?

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  1. I would say if you liked Bioshock, you will enjoy Bioshock 2. It is really more of the same with some new and improved features. Being able to assign a weapon to one hand and a plasmid to another makes combat more exciting. I had a little trouble getting into it at first, but once it got its hooks in me, I couldn’t stop until the end.

  2. I liked both, but from a story/atmosphere perspective the first one was superior. I think the reason for this is the sheer novelty of Rapture which I just couldn’t get enough of. The second game, while I think was better gameplay wise, just didn’t have that same shock and awe.


    My only major gripe from the first game was the ending. Once Ryan was taken care of, I think the game should have eased up and started its resolution, giving it a nice story arc, but it did the exact opposite. It kept ramping up until the final cut scene, which lasted a minute, then the credits roll. Even though I loved every bit of the game it left me saying, “That’s it?” I just wanted something more. (NOTE: I took way too many media classes in college which makes me into somewhat of a cynic when playing a game or watching a move. My girlfriend hates going to the movies with me because I always find something wrong with it rather than “taking it for what it is”…)


    Like I said before, the second Bioshock just seemed like more fun to play (who doesn’t like being a Big Daddy?), but the story wasn’t as good. The first one is about your survival, while the second one is more about a non-player character. Call me “me-centric”, but Tenenbaum didn’t give me a good enough reason to care about Eleanor (stop calling her “Elena” Dr. Lamb, it’s obnoxious). I mean I cared, but just enough to finish the game… Maybe it’s because I don’t have the emotions a Big Daddy would have for his Little Sister…

    See there’s my cynicism…


    With all that being said, I would definitely play the second one if you’ve got the time, just don’t play it on easy. But beware, the Big Sisters can be complete biotches.

  3. I’ve never played the first one but I’ve beaten the second a couple times. It is a fun game with some new baddies like the Big Sisters and Brutes. If you enjoyed the atmosphere of the first one and want another challenge then I recommend opening it up.

  4. Paul,

    This is the third, or possibly fouth, time you’ve told that story. It seems fairly obvious that you’ve talked yourself out of playing the game and I suspect it probably has nothing to do with the price. That’s one copy of the game on one particular day at one particular Gamestop. If you’ve worked in retail you know that price points are influenced by several factors: Things like demand, stock on hand, original price point, and yes, quality of the actual game. You’re a smart guy, that’s clear from your writing. I doubt you’d let such a small sample size (one copy of the game at one store) influence your decision on whether or not to play the game. My guess is that you were never really that stoked on the idea of Bioshock 2 in the first place. That’s fine. I’ve bought cheap games simply because of the price point, only to never play them. It’s what we do. So play it or don’t play it, but don’t use the fact that it was $2 cheaper than Bioshock that day as some sort of indicator of quality.

    That being said, it’s a great game. As was the first one. I’m actually bummed they’re moving the setting. Rapture was perfect. I don’t want to play some late-to-the-party steampunk bullshit. It might have been a cool setting 3 years ago but steampunk’s already been pushed to the fringes. Oh well, here’s to hoping they put up a good game anyway.

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