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GTA V weapons

With some recent buzz surrounding the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 6, we’re taking a trip back in time to 2013. We thought it would be a great time to revisit the fan-favorite entry into the Grand Theft Auto series of video games: Grand Theft Auto V. Released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V had quite the selection of guns and other weaponry available to players right off the bat. As time went on, players began to unlock even more weapons by progressing through the story as well as Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar also released additional post-launch DLC expansions that introduced quite a substantial amount of new and unique weapons. In this list, we will show you just exactly how many weapons are included in Grand Theft Auto V as well as how you can get your hands on every single weapon that is available in the game. Keep in mind, some of these weapons are only available with specific DLC or the Collector’s/Enhanced Editions of the game, but we’ll make sure to tell you which version you need to purchase to make use of these GTA V weapons!


Melee weapons are a must in any shooter as they allow the player to get up-close-and-personal with their opponent while also conserving their precious ammo count. Grand Theft Auto V is no exception and Rockstar has made sure to give players access to a wide variety of usable melee weapons including:

  • Antique Cavalry Dagger
    • DLC
  • Baseball Bat
  • Broken Bottle
    • DLC
  • Crowbar
  • Fist
  • Golf Club
  • Hammer
  • Hatchet
    • Available to all players who complete the “Prologue” mission on PS3 or Xbox 360 and then upgrade to Enhanced Version(PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Knife
  • Knuckledusters
    • DLC
  • Machete
    • DLC
    • Available only in the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Nightstick


Handguns. These extremely portable, always at the ready pistols are the weapons you will more than likely be whipping out in a last-minute gunfight. So how many of these weapons are in Grand Theft Auto V and what are they? Well, you’ve got:

  • AP Pistol
  • Ceramic Pistol
    • DLC
  • Combat Pistol
  • Heavy Pistol
    • DLC
  • Marksman Pistol
    • DLC
  • Navy Revolver
    • DLC
  • Pistol
  • Pistol .50
    • Collector’s Edition
  • SNS Pistol
    • DLC
  • Stun Gun
  • Vintage Pistol
    • DLC


Shotguns are one of the most enjoyable weapons to play with in Grand Theft Auto V. With options like…

  • Assault Shotgun
  • Bullpup Shotgun
    • Collector’s Edition
  • Heavy Shotgun
    • DLC
  • Musket
    • DLC
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun

…it’s hard not to go throughout Los Santos popping off with an bullpup shotgun from point-blank range or taking a musket and holding up a gas station with an 18th-Century musket! Shotguns are definitely some fun GTA V weapons!

SMG & Light Machine Guns

SMGs are also a great pick if you’re looking for some new GTA V weapons to play around with. You’ve got some great choices to pick from including:

  • Assault SMG
    • Available to players who create a Rockstar Social Club account and link it with their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account
  • Combat MG
  • Combat PDW
    • DLC
  • Gusenberg Sweeper
    • DLC
  • Machine Pistol
    • DLC
    • Enhanced Version
  • MG
  • Micro SMG
  • SMG

Assault Rifles

Definitely some of the heavy-hitters in the game, Assault Rifles are definitely the heavy hitters of Grand Theft Auto V if you’re looking for some spray-and-pray ability.

  • Advanced Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Bullpup Rifle
    • DLC
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Special Carbine
    • DLC

Take the Special Carbine or – my personal favorite – the Bullpup Rifle out for a spin in one of several heists available in Grand Theft Auto V!

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are essential for any wannabe-assassin looking to test their stealth and patience in Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Heavy Sniper
  • Marksman Rifle
    • DLC
  • Sniper Rifle

If you enjoy longer-range engagements with little-to-no room for error, you’ll definitely have fun being the sniper of the group.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons, big guns – big bois as I call them. There’s plenty of names you can call them, but these weapons are, without a doubt, the heaviest-hitting weapons in all of Grand Theft Auto V. These massively-destructive weapons include:

  • Firework Launcher
    • DLC
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Homing Launcher
    • DLC
  • Minigun
  • Railgun
    • Available to players who complete the “Prologue” mission on PS3 or Xbox 360 and upgrade to Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Rocket Launcher

These are definitely some of the best weapons to use if you’re looking to have a fun time with your friends or if you’re just looking to ruin some poor soul’s day in a public server.


  • Ball
  • BZ Gas
    • Available only during mission
  • Grenade
  • Jerry Can
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Proximity Mine
    • DLC
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Tear Gas

While being fairly niche weapons, these throwables are definitely fun to use. In a high-speed chase with some cops? Toss a proximity mine outside your window and watch it detonate as they drive over. Need to clear out a crowd and provide some cover? Toss out a tear gas grenade. Is your friend being especially annoying and not doing his designated job in the middle of a heist? Throw a ball at them! Probably won’t do much, but it should get their attention!


  • Digiscanner
    • Available only during mission
  • Remote Sniper
    • Available only during mission

As fun as these weapons may be, they are unfortunately only available in specific missions. If you were looking to use the Digiscanner and Remote Sniper outside of those missions, well I’ve got some bad news…

Well that looks to be about it as far as weapons go in Grand Theft Auto V! What weapons are your favorite to use in the game? Is there anything that I missed? With plenty of weapons from melee, handguns, SMGs, assault rifles, snipers, heavy weapons, and various others, surely there’s enough GTA V weapons to keep yourself satisfied! I hope you found this list of every single weapon in Grand Theft Auto V useful! Be sure to check out more articles at Unreality! I’ll be waiting ever-so-patiently for any news on Grand Theft Auto 6 and what weapons it may have to offer us when it releases!

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