How to Get the Lorentz Driver Catalyst in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

The Lorentz Driver is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. Specifically, it is a linear fusion rifle, which is the kind of weapon that is best-suited for people who want to stay at a safe distance from their enemies. Having said that, the Lorentz Driver is most notable because of the perk called EM Anomaly. This is because it creates an implosion whenever the player makes a precision kill using the exotic weapon, which is good for not just sucking in but also dealing further damage to surrounding enemies. Name-wise, the Lorentz Driver is a clear reference to the Lorentz force, which would be the force exerted upon a charged particle by electric and magnetic fields. After all, the exotic weapon is more than a bit reminiscent of a railgun. Something that can function because of the Lorentz force.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the player can gain a buff called Lagrangian Sight by collecting three of the telemetry patterns that drop from marked enemies that they have killed. This is connected to the Lorentz force as well, thus making the whole thing a very neat nod to real world science. The Lorentz Driver can be a lot of fun even in its base state. However, looter-shooters being looter-shooters, interested individuals should pick up its catalyst sooner rather than later so that they can make it as powerful as possible. This is particularly true since the Lorentz Driver catalyst is a very entertaining one. It provides an enhanced radar. Moreover, the Lorentz Driver catalyst makes it so that the player no longer needs precision kills to trigger the implosions so long as they have picked up three telemetry patterns.

How Can You Make Your Lorentz Driver As Powerful As Possible?

In any case, the first step for interested individuals should be getting their hands on the Lorentz Driver itself. Originally, this meant getting the season pass for the Season of the Lost. However, that is no longer possible because the time has passed. As a result, interested individuals now need to pay a visit to the Monument to Lost Lights, which is where they can get any exotic weapons that were exclusive to previous seasons. Of course, interested individuals will be expected to spend an Exotic Cipher. If they are unsure where they can get these things, they should know that there are just a couple of options. One would be grabbing one from the season pass, so they had best be prepared to play a lot of Destiny 2. The other would be completing Xur’s weekly quest. Please note that interested individuals can carry just a single Exotic Cipher at any time, so if they are about to grab another one, they had best spend the one that they already have.

As for the Lorentz Driver catalyst, interested individuals are going to need to complete the Revision 7.2.2. quest, which is given out by Banshee-44 as soon as they have gotten their hands on the Lorentz Driver itself. Fortunately, the quest is quite straightforward, though both laborious and time-consuming. First, interested individuals will need to take out 50 challenging combatants, 50 Guardians, and 50 Champions or high-value targets. The only thing that interested individuals might be confused about would be the challenging combatants. If so, they should know that those are pretty much anything that comes with a yellow health bar. Strictly speaking, the first part of the quest doesn’t need them to use the Lorentz Driver.

However, they might want to do so anyway in order to familiarize themselves with the exotic weapon. Second, interested individuals are going to need to use the Lorentz Driver to generate 200 Calibration Data while taking out 50 Guardians as well as 100 combatants. Be warned that beating a Guardian doesn’t count as beating a combatant, so there is more work involved than what interested individuals might have expected. There is one last step to completing the Lorentz Driver. That would be charging its catalyst. Something that can be completed by killing 400 enemies with the Lorentz Driver. Combined, this means that interested individuals should expect to spend a lot of time on this process. Still, if they enjoy linear fusion rifles, it can be worthwhile.

Further Considerations

There isn’t much else to be said about the process of making the Lorentz Driver as powerful as possible. Exotic Ciphers aren’t readily available. However, there are enough of them that interested individuals should be able to get what they want anyway so long as they are willing to spend enough time on this game. As a result, they should feel free to spend an Exotic Cipher on the Lorentz Driver, particularly since it isn’t one of those exotic weapons that are better-suited for being a show-piece than something that they can expect to see real use. Moving on, completing the requirements to make the Lorentz Driver as powerful as possible is both laborious and time-consuming. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, so interested individuals have no choice but to steadily work their way through them. If necessary, they can always do so bit by bit rather than all at once. Doing so will make for much slower progress. However, it can be more bearable, particularly for people who don’t particularly enjoy the use of linear fusion rifles.

Having said that, if people don’t enjoy using linear fusion rifles, they might want to reconsider their choice of focusing on the Lorentz Driver. It is decent enough as an exotic weapon but it isn’t exactly something that interested individuals must have no matter what their tastes might be. As such, if they don’t like playing with linear fusion rifles, they might want to focus on something else that will actually make for a superior gaming experience for them. Otherwise, interested individuals might want to spend some time checking out how other people use linear fusion rifles. Some of the steps will require them to go up against Guardians with the Lorentz Driver, which can be hard for those who aren’t used to linear fusion rifles. Experience will definitely help out in this regard but spending some time looking up suggestions can be surprisingly useful as well.

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