How to Find the Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst in Destiny 2

Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst in Destiny 2

Thanks to its unrivaled killing potential, Izanagi’s Burden is one of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2. The sniper rifle is a must-have for many players, especially during Gambit matches – one body shot is enough to neutralize Invaders. This one-hit-kill perk is just one reason why so many players spend a lot of time trying to get the Catalyst. Are you looking for Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst? Here is everything you need to know about what it does and how to find it.

What Does Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst Do?

The Izanagi’s Catalyst produces Peerless edge – a very useful perk. When you consume four bullets, Peerless Edge increases Honed Edge damage. The Honed Edge ability allows you to consume bullets by holding down reload, which increases your damage for the next shot. Typically, Honed edge has a 100 percent buff for every consumed bullet. The Izanagi’s Catalyst increased this buff by 20 percent, resulting in a 400 percent initial increase and a 20 percent increase in total damage. Additionally, the Catalyst can improve the range for your Izanagi’s Burden Rifle. Once you complete all the required challenges, the Catalyst will increase your range by 18, making the Rifle even deadlier from a distance and allowing you to neutralize enemies with the range of a Rifle. While Burden Catalyst will increase your total damage by 20 percent, the weapon is not ideal for DPS in raids. This is because you will have to keep reloading to take advantage of the perk.

Completing Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst

Completing Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst is not a difficult task if you are willing to meet the requirements. Generally, all you need to do is use the Izanagi’s Burden Rifle to kill your enemies. Other requirements include teleporting to the Shuro Chi encounter and loading into the Last Wish raid. Additionally, you will need to carry Orpheus Rigs and Tether armor. Once you spawn, obtain your super by laying down your raid banner. You will need to use the tether located at the main gate, then use your Izanagi’s Burden to collect and wipe all thralls along your way. When this process is complete, rinse your Izanagi’s Burden and repeat until you complete the Catalyst. This should take you between 10 and 20 minutes.

How to Get It

Now that you know what Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst is and what it does, let’s focus on how to get it. Previously – in the Menagerie era – players needed to completely upgrade their Chalice of Opulence to get the Catalyst. All heroic acts in the game have modifiers, including the Menagerie. Once the upgrade was complete, the player then had to run Menagarie’s heroic version and eliminate the final boss. Doing this would then add the Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst to the player’s loot pool. As you can see, this process was complex, which is why it is a relief that you do not have to go through it. The end of the Menagerie and the beginning of the Witch Queen and Beyond Light era of the game meant that you can now get the Catalyst by simply completing playlist activities. Try to focus on strikes, Crucible, and Gambit, and the Catalyst should drop randomly. To get the Catalyst, play as many playlist matches as possible, and it should drop from one of the opponents you eliminate. The enemies you kill should be non-Guardian, which is easy enough since they can be found all over Destiny 2. That said, there are no reliable statistics about the odds of the Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst dropping as you play playlist matches. Some players will get the Catalyst 100 kills in, and others after only four. It is important just to keep going and killing enemies until the Catalyst drops.

Waiting for Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst

Getting Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst will take some time, especially in Gambit. Rather than play endless playlists as you wait for it to drop, you can incorporate the weapon into your regular Gambit matches and other plays. Doing this will ensure you keep playing the game as your kills add up until you get to 500 and get the Catalyst. Remember, there is no foolproof way to improve your odds of getting a drop or even forcing one. Your best move is to keep playing the game until the Catalyst drops. This is why it is advisable to go about other activities as you wait, including trying to earn other catalysts like the Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst or the Witherhoard Catalyst. The goal is not to waste gaming time waiting for the Catalyst since you do not know when it will drop.

Upgrading Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst

Once the Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst drops, you can maximize its potential by upgrading it. On average, you can unlock the Catalyst upgrade by killing 500 non-Guardian enemies using your Izanagi’s Burden with precision damage. The easiest way to do this is to choose a farming location with low-level enemies and kill as many as you can as fast as possible. Here are some tips to help you get fast results:

  • Start at the Altars of Sorrow on the moon, where you will find a large number of enemies.
  • Always make sure you have enough ammunition for your Izanagi’s Burden. You do this by adorning a Special ammo finisher mod.
  • If you get to 500 enemies, but the Catalyst does not drop, keep going until it does.

Getting Izanagi’s Burden Sniper Rifle

You can also buy Izanagi’s Burden Rifle in the Tower at the Monument to Lost Lights. To complete the purchase, you will need the following items:

  • 150,000 Glimmer
  • 2 Ascendant Shards
  • 250 Spinmetal Leaves
  • 1 Exotic Cipher


Izanagi’s Burden is a particularly useful weapon to have in your arsenal when going up against bosses. The Sniper Rifle can eliminate some very powerful opponents and neutralize highly damaging shots. Even better, its Catalyst makes it all the powerful and efficient. If you already have this Exotic Sniper Rifle, getting the Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst is worth every effort. It will help you take down some very powerful enemies even from a great distance.

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