Check Out Donald Trump as a Bad Overwatch Player


It’s pretty rare that you’ll get to see a mix of politics and video games but I guess with Donald Trump, anything is possible.  The Nuisance Commitee (a Super PAC created by Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin) made this hilarious graphics in a website called Trump Is Not A Team Player which takes his political tendencies and reframes them as if he were a no good Overwatch player who complains about lag, his teammates, broken controllers and hackers.  It’s actually quite brilliant.

Honest I have no clue what your political ambitions are nor does it really matter at this point.  If you want to see some funny illustrations of Trump video game style then this should be a nice break in your day.  Also, and this is pretty funny, a billboard recently came out that gives Trump crap for maining Hanzo.  Yes, money was actually spent on this and I personally think every penny was worth it.  The illustrations and tweet are below:



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