How to Get Xenophage in Destiny 2

Xenophage Quest

Are you a trigger-happy gaming master who likes to experiment with exotic guns as soon as they arrive? Do you enjoy questing, mainly if it involves machine guns? If so, then Xenophage exotic machine gun is what you need. Even if you’re an iGaming newbie, unearthing this beast will be as easy as picking ice cream from your refrigerator. So, how do you go about it? Please keep reading to find out what Xenophage in Destiny 2 is all about and how to retrieve it.

What is Destiny 2’s Xenophage?

According to Dexerto, it is an exotic machine gun whose force is unmatched. Think of it like a machine gun you would want to use to take down your enemies in World War 3 if there will be any. Having this machine gun in your hands is one thing while unlocking it is another. It takes the proper steps from starting the Journey to outwitting and eliminating Volmar, the Tempted, and anyone competing against you. As Shadowkeep’s new kid on the block, Xenophage continues to stand out as one of the best DPS solutions in Destiny 2. It has a powerful damage ceiling with a massive clip, giving you the ultimate gaming experience, particularly if you’re familiar with PvE and PvP.

How to unlock Destiny 2’s Xenophage

Your quest for Xenophage in Destiny 2 will be entertaining and tremendous. It takes a creative mind to know how the game plays out and use knowledge to know who to avoid and use to your advantage. So gather your spacesuit and stamina by following these steps to help you unlock Xenophage exotic gun:

Step 1: Start your quest

Going on a journey means you’re on a quest to find something or someone you’re looking for. The same applies to unraveling Xenophage. Your quest is sitting pretty on the moon. According to Eurogamer, the moon has a place called Sorrow’s Harbor. While there, you will see a tower, and all you need to do is enter it. Make sure you follow the tunnels which will take you to a cave with light. This step confirms the adage “light at the end of the tunnel,” which means bringing a ray of hope. Upon seeing the light, keep walking past it. Next, toss yourself into the hidden hole in the wall on your right-hand side. The hole has a tunnel, requiring you to follow. Keep walking until you reach a place overlooking the pyramid. You will see two statues on both sides staring at you, totaling four. Here’s the fun part; you’ll need to use the four statues to your advantage. Start with the one standing close to the entrance on the right. Proceed to the one on the far right before interacting with the far-left statue and the close left statue. After interacting with the statues, the platform will offer a code. You’ll know you’ve keyed it correctly when a new chest appears on the balcony. Next, open the chest, and it will give you a new task, marking your next step.

Step 2: Emerge from the dark

Emerging from the dark is the second step to helping you unlock your Xenophage quest. It starts by revealing the “Anchor of Light.” At this stage, your task is to locate a small ball of light that reveals some of the Lecterns hidden around the area. There’s a map under the place where the green arrow is, and it helps you see the ball of light. The features line up on the platform are as follows:

  • K1 Communion (Anchor of Light)
  • Bottom left
  • Bottom right
  • Center top
  • Center top
  • K1 Logistics (Archer’s Line)
  • Top left
  • Bottom left
  • Center-right
  • Centre
  • K1 Revelation (Sorrow’s Harbour)
  • Center-right
  • Center-left
  • Centre
  • Centre
  • Center-left
  • Center top
  • Centre bottom
  • Centre
  • K1 Crew Quarters (Hellmouth)
  • Top right
  • Center-left
  • Centre
  • Centre bottom
  • Center-right
  • Center-right
  • Centre bottom
  • Centre bottom

Activate it as soon as you see the first podium next to the light spawns. Take the light up, and pass it over the lectern. It’s more like using your flashlight to pass light over a dark room. Keep in mind that the lecterns share similar characteristics. So, you will need to arrange them in a specific order. Upon lighting the first lectern, the platform gives you up to one minute to access the next. The timer is programmed to reset each time you pass light over a new lectern. Use these seconds to ensure the light passes over all the lecterns. Apart from the fourth lectern, the rest are easy to locate. You will find the fourth one in the Anchor of Light on the third floor. Once you light all four lecterns, the platform will inform you that you’re ready to “Emerge from the dark.” Place the light where it tells you, taking you to the next step in the Xenophage quest.

Step 3: Collection of the four fragments

The Lost Sector on the moon contains four fragments that you need to collect. According to The Unshifted, these fragments only appear after playing through the Lost Sectors, as is expected. Upon reaching the end of the Lost Sectors, you will see a puzzle along the wall near the exit. The puzzles consist of many symbols. All it takes is to match all the symbols to access the fragment. If you find this step a bit technical, activate the Discord user “Haiku.” It will help you put all of them together. These puzzles are 3by3 grids of runes. Your job is to make every rune in the grid reveal the same symbol as the one above the grid. Upon shooting the rune, you will see symbols change in their row and column. That’s not something you will experience with pieces in Othello. After lining up all the runes, you will see a chest.

Step 4: Enter the new Pit of Heresy Dungeon

While the dungeon is the last place you want to be when you’re on a quest, the situation here is quite different. Here, the new Pit of Heresy dungeon is the one place you must pass through on your quest. According to Polygon, part 1 of the new Pit of Heresy dungeon involves accessing the dungeon starts by having a small conversation with Eris. She will give you a short questline. Make sure you fulfill her requests. Part 2 of the Pit of Heresy involves entering the room with Hive Ogres. It’s before the Hive Totem encounter. Once you open the door to enter the room, study the left and right hallways. We recommend you to take the left hallway. It will allow you to collect the same type of orb that you can use to light up the lanterns earlier. Once you grab it with both hands, go to the right hallways to light more lanterns. The next part of the quest involves you heading into the game’s new Pit of Heresy dungeon. You’ll find a door holding more doors and symbols. Your task is identifying one door and interacting with it. The next step involves your first encounter with the three Hive runes and mini-bosses. You will see a room with many doors. Please choose the one without a rune hanging over it. You will find it on the upper left side. Do that, and you’ll head to the next section.

Step 5: Fight with the Pariah Ogre

This is the part where you need to put your macho-man skills to the test. It involves entering a specific room close to the fight with the Pariah Ogre. You will see cliffs that you need to use to drop down till you see a ledge with a small plate on it. Upon standing on top of the plate, you will see three platforms. The next step involves jumping on these three platforms. Please don’t rush because you might end up jumping on the wrong platform, which may disappear. Because the last thing you need is to go back where you started, make sure you jump correctly to access the light on the third platform. Now grab the light and place it on a door with firepits. This will take you to nearby tunnels where you need to fight. Eventually, the door will open and take you to the final boss. Use your stamina to fight the boss. If you win the fight, a notification “dread” will appear. It corresponds to any of these elements:

  • Arc
  • Solar
  • Void
  • Neutral

While you have the chance to pick any dread, we recommend you to pick the ball at the center of the chamber. Bounce it near the symbol, depending on the dread you have chosen. Once you do this, a buff will appear and charge at the boss with an exotic weapon that lines up with your dread. Repeat this part until the boss is no more. The boss’s demise marks the green light to go back to Eris. Once the boss dies, visit Eris and politely request her to give you your new shiny Xenophage exotic gun. Remember, you don’t need to complete the Pit of Heresy. If you find yourself stuck there, consider yourself among the lucky players.

Why is Destiny 2’s Xenophage so popular?

While the Dawn Xenophage might have many numerical differences, Destiny 2’s Xenophage seems to be a great performer. Like other exotic quests, Xenophage comes with steeped riddles and challenges. That means you will need to work hard to get to the moon, get to the dungeon before reaching the final encounter involving the gun. Here are some reasons to try out this quest:

1. It’s a fantastic escape from reality

The truth is that real-life guns are one of the leading causes of many deaths. However, virtual guns are harmless. Unlocking them is fun and exciting, and it separates gaming professionals from amateurs. Sometimes, watching television programs can be tedious, and the only way to escape reality is to try out such quests. With proper calculations and taking advantage of speed, you should retrieve the gun in no time.

2. It helps you sharpen your quest skills

The mechanics of such games are intuitive, helping you use your hands to grab and climb structures. You will find some wrinkles opening up as you go through each step. In the end, you feel energized, knowing your gaming skills are sharper and more accurate.

3. It prevents you from performing repetitive actions

Questing the Xenophage exotic gun is more like an encounter where you don’t have to repeat tasks. Besides gaining new skills, it allows you to explore new areas. Though it’s one of the most potent weapons, destiny 2’s Xenophage does have a few downsides. It first saw its fire rate reduced, compromising its damage capabilities. However, it still hits like a truck with each shot, destroying majors and amateur champions. It also deserves a standing ovation as a PvP and Gambit Heavy. This exotic gun destroys Guardians with two bullets remotely at any distance. You will find it highly powerful thanks to its utility. If you want a jack of all trades, this heavy weapon is the one to go for.


Destiny 2 doesn’t encourage kids below 13 years to register accounts, leave alone participate in such quests. So, if you have kids and want to be part of the questing team, make sure your child doesn’t see or engage in such games. The gaming platform considers such quests traumatizing to kids, increasing their chances of experimenting with real-life guns.


For ages now, Bungie has been boasting about this gun. They had a real-life prop version that you can see firsthand. It’s more like the “big gun” that sticks in amber inside. Ironically, the whole Destiny 2 player base seems to believe that this gun might be cloned. While some players term the quest fake, it’s worth taking a try.

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