AR Street Fighter II Game Let’s You Brawl in the Real World

Recently, a man named Abhishek Singh created an augmented reality version of Street Fighter II, which is called Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior. For those who are curious, his creation lets interested individuals play a 3D version of the classic game in the real world. All that is necessary is for one person to set up Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior on some kind of flat surface before the other person joins in on the fun.

Overall, Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior seems like a rather interesting use of augmented reality’s potential, which is perhaps unsurprising considering some of Singh’s previous projects. For example, he was the one who recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros. using augmented reality. Likewise, he was the one who recreated the famous TV scene from The Ring using augmented reality. Overall, Singh’s projects are an excellent reminder of the massive potential of augmented reality, which remains untapped for the most part for the time being.

Unfortunately, it seems probable that Singh’s Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior won’t be much more than a cool gimmick. Yes, the game is rather interesting, so much so that it isn’t much of a challenge to imagine a fair number of people experiencing it for the sake of experiencing it. However, its gameplay isn’t exactly that impressive, which isn’t helped by the fact that it seems to lack the sense of smoothness that is so subtle but still so important for leaving the best impression of a game’s controls. As a result, it seems improbable that Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior will be able to hold the interest of a lot of people for a long period of time.

What Does This Mean For the Future?

For that matter, it should be mentioned that there is no guarantee that Singh will be able to provide Street Fighter II: Real World Warrior with the public release that he wants. After all, he isn’t someone associated with Capcom, which is the corporation that created the Street Fighter franchise and holds onto its rights to the present. As a result, there are copyright issues that will have to be overcome one way or another if Singh wants to provide his creation with a public release, which is by no means guaranteed at this point in time.

Still, one can’t help but wish success for Singh. After all, he is doing a lot of interesting things with augmented reality involving a number of beloved franchises, which serves to shed light on what augmented reality might mean for the world of entertainment in the future. The more interest that he generates through his projects, the better the chances that someone with more resources will be motivated to tap into that interest. In a real sense, it can be said that Singh is one of the people pioneering the sort of entertainment that is possible with augmented reality, meaning that he is making a noticeable contribution to its potential popularization.

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