How to Get Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

The popular video game “Destiny 2” offers some serious challenges for players who want to tea their skills all the way and prove their mettle. One such quest is the acquisition of the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon. This is a pinnacle item that is one of the hardest achievements in the game. It’s not impossible though. If this is something that you have on your bucket list, here are a few tips and strategies to help you get the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in “Destiny 2.”

Go for the glory

Game Rant explains that to even have a shot at getting the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon in “Destiny 2,” you must reach the level of 2,100 glory points before you can get ahold of Luna’s howl, a requirement before moving on the get the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon. This is just the beginning though. There are a few more things you need to accomplish. Get ready for some hard and long play that includes a lot of wins to achieve double the Glory points to bring you to the status of Legend at 5,500 points. After you’ve accomplished these tasks, you must complete the quest to earn the pinnacle Not Forgotten Hand Cannon.

How to get Luna’s Howl

Forbes staff outlines the steps to get Luna’s Howl, which is necessary on the journey to getting the prized hand cannon. This is a companion pinnacle but it’s necessary. Get ready for a long grind. You must complete 10 competitive now Survival matches. You need to complete 3 rumble matches, make 250 hand cannon kills in Survival, along with 200 solar kills and 100 precision kills with hand cannons. You must reach the 2,100 points rank of 2,100 for Legendary Glory in Survival. You must use the same character up until you complete this lesser pinnacle quest. After you get Luna’s Howl, you can use any of your characters to start the new quest.

Recommended cannons and armor

When completing the quest for Luna’s Howl the best cannons for achieving the high number of kills are Spare Rations, Thorn, and Trust, and Rose. For the 100 precision kills, Crimson in its buffed state is recommended. You’ll do yourself a favor by finding a void set of armor and make sure you have dexterity, hand cannon targeting, and reloader. You can find enhanced mods in Iron Banner.

Achieving legend status

There is no way to make this quest easier. Achieving legend status is going to take a lot of work. To get to 5,500 points, you’ll need to win in matches with the best of the very best players. You’re going to have to play against them. Be prepared for hours of play because achieving the number of wins you will need might take some time. It’s the price that everyone has to pay once they get to this stage of the game.

What makes the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon special?

Destiny Carries LFG explores the pros and cons of the quest for the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon and whether it’s really worth the hassle of acquisition. Some of the perks of this rare pinnacle weapon are similar to Luna’s, but they point out that there is one major difference that sets the two apart. This is the range. Not Forgotten gives you a broader range so you can achieve kills at a longer distance. You gain consistency with long-shot headshots. Although the perks are elevated over Luna’s because of the extended range, for some, it’s not worth the effort that it takes to earn the weapon.

Is it really the best cannon?

The answer to this question is short and simple. Yes, it’s the best. You can’t find the kind of range and accuracy you get with this hand cannon in any other weapon on the game. There’s another benefit that comes along with earning the Not Forgotten. Since it’s a pinnacle item, perhaps the highest, it makes a statement about your playing ability. There is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes with achieving such a high ranking status. Granted, it might make it harder to find players who want to take you on, but the ones that do will put up a good fight. For purists, it will make the game more challenging, hence, a bit more enjoyable. As the old saying goes, with rank comes privilege. It indeed takes a lot of dedication and hours of good gameplay to achieve the rank of legend. For some, it’s worth it. For others, maybe not so much.

Final thoughts

There are a few other ways that you can achieve legend status in Glory, but would you really want to get something you didn’t ear fair and square? That’s why we left out the option of carries and paid carries from other players. While they offer a few easier ways to achieve your objective, we like to focus on the brass tacks of how to earn your status the good old fashioned way. When something is hard-won, it just seems to mean more. Most hard-core purists will agree that it’s fine to use tips and strategies from the more seasoned players who have achieved greatness, but any type of cheating the system tends to lessen the sweetness of the victory. It’s hard to feel exceptional about something that costs you nothing or very little to acquire. The tips provided in this guide give you all of the information and strategies that you need. All you need to do is apply a little elbow grease, wade into the fray, and earn the Not Forgotten Hand Cannon by your own skills and merit. This is how to move up to the status of Legend.

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