Scorn will be a Playable Nightmare for PC and Xbox Soon

Scorn is a new FPS being developed by Ebb Software which looks like it was inspired by someone’s fever dream. If any gamer out there has had any desire to explore an H.R. Giger painting, then Scorn is definitely up their alley. The entire game is mentioned to have an “interconnected world” which sounds like this will be a Metroidvania adventure. Everything in this game is alive and there is this odd bio-mechanical motif layered throughout the world design of Scorn. Additionally, everyone and everything is naked which no doubt gives a sense of morbid vulnerability to the player. Every biome in this game comes with its own vibe or “theme” which will at least provide a strange sense of freshness to this venture. Naturally, every new segment of this game will also introduce new tools, weapons, and abilities. There will be no hand-holding here. Gamers will be encouraged to brave into every unknown nook and cranny to see what they can find and hopefully not get killed in the process.

The goal with Scorn is to provide the player a sense of immersion that is rather rare in FPSs. Everything has weight and interacting with things comes with an animation of the protagonist using their hands. There will be no stagnant floating icons waiting to be “picked up.” Players will need to scour the environment and figure out how everything works. The overall design of this game is quite cryptic and frankly, that’s the main appeal to Scorn. This will be a very adult game and it definitely won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. With that said, there is no question that this IP will be a very unique FPS that really comes once in a generation. It’s an experimental piece of art that may end up becoming a cult classic, as long as the gaming community doesn’t overlook it.


Scorn is certainly aiming to be a more cerebral horror game than anything else. There isn’t “gore” in this game in the traditional sense. Instead, the entire gore seems to have a bloody, tissue surface riddled on all surfaces. It can be a jarring thing to see at first, but once a player digs into the first ten minutes of the game then everything becomes second nature. The firearms in this title arent’ your standard military hardware, either. Instead, the protagonist has this universal alien rifle butt that attaches and detaches distinct-looking barrels. Therefore, it can transform into a pistol, shotgun, rifle, and other things that have an otherworldy semblance to guns of our world. From what was shown in the most recent gameplay footage, there doesn’t seem to be a HUD. Instead, it appears that ammunition will need to be manually checked by disassembling the weapon and counting the bullets.

The bullets are yellow-looking “darts” that are inserted into slots while the gun is opened. Therefore, they are pretty easy to see. Now, there are enemies roaming the landscape of Scorn, yes. However, they aren’t bloodthirsty minions taking orders from an evil overlord. Instead, they’re all a part of this peculiar ecosystem in which they are trying to survive. This world will react according to a player’s actions. If the player is aggressive toward all the beings patrolling the hallways, then they will see you as a threat and they will come after you. If the player avoids or ignores them, then chances are they will leave the player alone. Eventually, this world will be fully organic not only in aesthetics but also in behavior. Scorn is all about cause and effect and players will need to adapt constantly in order to survive.

Flesh to Flesh

Thusly, Scorn will also come with its fair share of puzzles. There will be doorways to unlock and configurations to figure out during this morbid journey. The main device used as a weapon can also be used as an unlocking device. Hence, there will be mini-games to complete in order to gain access to new areas. Lucky, this device can also be used as a melee weapon whenever ammunition is scarce, and yes bullets will be hard to come by in this game. Therefore, players won’t be completely defenseless while exploring this realm. Exploring will be key to success in Scorn. There is no map or radar to light the way. Everything will need to be memorized. Luckily, there will be shortcuts and other alternate routes to take to help avoid potential threats lurking about. Yes, this game does come with all manners of things that will try to kill the player.

Of course, as mentioned before, it all depends on the player treats the world. Drones will patrol the corridors and sometimes they will indeed attack. Thus, there will also be booby traps hidden throughout the biomes. Whenever players first jump into Scorn, it will be difficult to digest how everything will work. Fundamentally, it’s kind of the same as any other FPS out there. There are weapons to find, puzzles to solve, doors to unlock and even vending machines to help replenish health and ammunition. The difference is that players will need to discover what these items are and how they work on their own accord. There will be a very real sense of discovery with Scorn and players will truly feel like a pilgrim setting foot in a forbidden and dangerous place where they don’t belong.

Being Scorned

This title has been under development for quite a few years. There has been a slow drip of information leaking out of the ethers of the internet during Scorns’ development cycle, but it hasn’t been much. Now, since this game is officially coming out later this year, there is now a hefty amount of gameplay footage being unveiled. Clearly, this game has come a long way. This IP is now finally coming together and now is the time to start getting excited over it. If anyone is looking for something strange, exotic, and ambitious then Scorn is for you. Expect this title to be available for the PC and Xbox this October.

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