In Nightmare is a Dark Adventure-Puzzler about Childhood Obstacles

In Nightmare is a new top-action horror adventure that takes place within the mind of a small child. The story takes place within a dark realm which was manifested through the pain and trauma of the main protagonist. A gnarled reality where physics takes on a whole new meaning and dreadful creatures lurk in every corner. Even though this new game is fairly fast-paced with its charming gameplay, it’s also a cerebral journey. There are numerous puzzles that players will need to solve and blockades that will take some brainpower to bypass. Monsters, witches, dark beings, and booby traps riddle these open levels which are dominated by shadows. The horrors of dealing with a broken family can be a monster in itself with any child’s life and this game is a literal interpretation of that. Players will need to race, overcome and even defeat some of these menaces before they catch you and keep you trapped in this horrid domain forever.

This game is perceived from an isometric view that is akin to the new RPG Tunic that is coming out later this year. It’s from an angled perception to where players can see the entire level from a bird’s eye view while also seeing all the intricate details of the level’s design. Developer Beijing Magic Fish Technology seems to be a clear fan of horror-survival games like Resident Evil and Silent HillĀ due to In Nightmare’s inventory feature and claustrophobic level design. This game is an intimate tale about a child who needs to ultimately face his fears or risk running away from them, forever. This is an age-old story arc that has been told a number of times and sometimes people need a reminder of this. Sometimes the most powerful heroes aren’t soldiers with an arsenal, rather just everyday folks with the willpower to face impossible odds.

Monsters In Memory

In Nightmare has various level designs which are evidently conjured up through the memories of the protagonist. Winding corridors and twisted rooms fill these explorable areas which are teeming with clues and collectibles. Everything from playrooms, scientific labs, galactic stairways, and wicked fun houses will need to be trekked through in order to proceed. Generally, the levels are broken up into segments to where players will be advised to “find an exit.” These usually come in the forms of environmental puzzles, chase sequences, and even boss fights. There is no combat in this game to speak of. Instead, smiting enemies all come with the notion of setting traps and tricking them into hurting each other. The enemies in this game are varied and they all have their own behavior patterns and methods of attack. Some want to grab you and pull you into the shadows while others simply just want to shoot projectiles.

There will be somber moments in In Nightmare which helps progress the story. Once players reached a certain checkpoint, it will trigger a painful memory of the protagonist. Usually, this will come in the form of some kind of ghostly apparition of the child’s parents fighting and how he tries to cope with it. This, in turn, creates new monsters in players will need to face. There is a lot of exploring in this game and constant collecting of keys and other items. Everything from doors, gates, and iron locks will always be in the way. Players will need to scour the environment to find items that they will need to open new pathways. Of course, there will be switches, levers, and buttons to use that open other exits, as well. Luckily, the child won’t be alone in this journey. He comes with a companion called a “Dream Sprite” which helps light the way and give clues on where to go.

What Nightmares May Come

The Dream Sprite won’t strictly be A.I. controlled, either. Apparently, players can take over the Sprite and use it as bait to distract enemies and help the child escape. On top of that, it can also highlight items that are hidden throughout the levels to help players find items and important collectibles. Additionally, it can also be used as a recon and find threats hidden throughout the level that players won’t be able to see otherwise. It’s an important tool to use throughout the game for not only navigation but also for defeating enemies. Evidently, the only weapon that will be at players’ disposal is the usage of light. There will be light switches scattered throughout the levels that will fire up a beam of light that’ll ward away enemies. This will be a common occurrence during boss battles and situations where the child is being pursued by shadowy figures.

What makes In Nightmare a unique game is the fact that the developers are willing to open old wounds to tell such a personal story about growing up. Every child has their own way to deal with traumatic events in life. What if such coping mechanisms generate enough energy to actually summon beings from beyond? It’s an interesting concept not only with gaming but with storytelling in general. Whether this world is a tangible place or all in the child’s head is up in the air. Players will need to fight their way to the end and discover the truth. This game seems to be aiming to be a very poignant tale that will reign true for many people.

Childhood Challenges

Not everyone’s upbringing is perfect and In Nightmare is a conscious effort to remind everyone of that. This game appears to have solid gameplay that is coupled with an enthralling story. This indie comes with its own unique charm to it that is somewhat similar to dark childhood movies of the 80s like Little Monsters and Labyrinth. There is definitely a lot of appeal here and hopefully, gamers will give this little indie a shot. Gamers who enjoy over-the-head puzzlers and even RPGs might find some joy in this adventure. In Nightmare will be available for the PlayStation consoles on March 29th.

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