The 10 Coolest Ice Characters To Ever Appear in TV, Movies, Games, or Books

It’s freezing, snowing and Valentine’s Day is only just around the corner. What the hell could be worse? But some people like the cold, and some really, really like the cold. I made a list of the latter who have taken their love of ice to the absolute extreme. Here are the ten coolest (pun!) ice characters ever to appear in TV, movies, games or comic books.

10) The Ice Climbers


They may be everyone’s least favorite Super Smash Bros. character, but these two (kids? little people?) really knew how to get vertical, probably because of the teamworked formed by their (brotherly? sisterly? friendly? lovers?) bond. It’s probably clear I’m not too sure about Ice Climbers mythology.

9) Professor Coldheart


The good professor was the arch-nemesis of the Care Bears and really took the whole ice thing to the extreme. He lived in an ice castle, wanted to turn the whole world into ice and had sidekicks name Frostbite and Auntie Freeze (hah). But in the end the overwhelming rainbow powers of the Care Bears would stop his dastardly ice plans. ****ing Care Bears.

8 ) Frozone


Samuel L. Jackson + Ice = Frozone. That’s really all you need to know. This ex-superhero jumped back in the saddle when his friends the Incredibles were in need. I’ll be damned if I can remember if he actually ended up doing anything useful, but he’s definitely mastered the art of chilling drinks.

7) Captain Cold


Sure he’s a bootleg Mr. Freeze, but he’s kind of awesome because his costume is absolutely absurd, and he fights the Flash, the second lamest hero in the Justice League after Aquaman. I suppose he’s a good enough challenge for the Flash, presumably being frozen does not allow you to go fast, but I think I saw something where the Flash can vibrate his molecules to melt ice, so Captain Cold is probably SOL as an effective supervillain after that discovery.

6) The Ice Truck Killer


He may not have any cold powers of his own, but serial killer Rudy Cooper got this icy nickname for his M.O. of chopping up his victims in the back of a refrigerated ice truck (helps with the blood flow). After it was revealed he was Dexter’s brother, he found himself strung up and draining from the neck in his own chilly lair.


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