How to Get Honey in Kingdom Hearts 3

Every video game you play offers at least some challenge that is difficult to overcome. That’s half the fun of playing. “Kingdom Hearts 3” has not failed in providing a unique challenge for those in search of honey. It’s one of the rare ingredients in the game that everyone is after.

Since it’s required to make quite a few different recipes, it’s a commodity that’s in hot demand, but it’s hard to find much of it. Some of the ingredients you need are found in abundance. Sadly, honey is not one of them. To help you in your quest here is how to get honey in “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Patience is required

Honey is one of those rare ingredients that you can find easier if you’re patient. It’s just not going to happen until you reach a certain point in the game. It’s like any mountain you have to tackle.

The thing that you badly want to obtain eludes you and makes you think it’s impossible to acquire, except for a little bit here and there. Your patience will pay off though. Until you reach that point, you won’t find it. We have a few tips to help you know where to find honey.

Where is the honey early in the game?

Game Rant advises visiting an optional area of the game called 100 Acre Wood. This area won’t be made accessible to players until they’ve completed half of the game though. You must complete Monstropolis first.

Your first objective is to get through Monstropolis, then Chip and Dale will call Sora with a message about Merlin in Twilight Town at the Ratatouille restaurant. Play the Ratatouille cooking mini-game in Twilight Town.

While you’re there, don’t allow your focus on honey to give you tunnel vision. When you’re exploring the world you need to make sure that you keep your eyes open for other important ingredients.

Some of them are also uncommon so don’t pass them by. There are a total of three mini-games that you should play. When you reach the third game you’ll be glad that you spent the time on the other two.

This will allow you to access the 100 Acre Woods. This is where you’re going to find the honey. It’s one of the rewards for winning. When you need more honey just return to the 100 Acre Wood to collect more to make the various recipes.

Getting honey can be tedious

Game FAQs members shared their frustration when trying to collect honey. Some players shared that it’s still tough to get honey. You get 1 honey for 250k, and for a million you get 6. Be prepared for a real challenge.

Don’t give up though. Some players have discovered that they get honey for far fewer points earned. The thing about it is that it is an uncommon ingredient so it’s not going to ever be plentiful. You’re going to have to just keep playing the game and earning as many points as you can to get the precious commodity. Double Tap recommends farming the material when you’ve reached the midway part of the game.

How to farm honey in “Kingdom Hearts 3”

The player that offered sage advice on collecting more honey in KH3 provided a good tip for increasing the amount of honey that you’ll get. Play the mini-games several times, but there is another way. Instead of going about it the hard way, you can do it by going to the 100 Acre Woods.

When you’re there go picking flowers with Rabbit. Doing this gives you more honey than going about it the more tedious way. It’s a simple way to make the honey accessible to you, but it’s a secret that not many players know about.

This is the only known way, so far, to farm honey in 100 Acres Woods. Honey is found in a variety of places throughout the KH3 world, and that’s why it’s so important to explore all parts of the world. You never know what you will find that will come in handy.

What is the honey used for?

Honey is one of the main ingredients in a variety of recipes. Other ingredients are required to make desserts that will help to boost your stats for battles with some o the more difficult bosses. The recipes will give you quick power boosts and raise your magic point stats. Remember that you’re going to need to have the other ingredients to go along with the money in crafting your recipes.

Final thoughts

Finding honey in Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the more challenging aspects of the game. It can give you tunnel vision and be all-consuming if you let it. It’s important to remember that other parts of the game are worth enjoying.

Honey lets you craft recipes that will enhance your gameplay, and that’s why everyone is making such a big deal about it. Some players have had a far easier time finding it than others.

The general consensus is that the more points you earn, the more honey you’re going to get. Others recommend farming it by picking flowers with Rabbit in the 100 Acre Wood. These are all excellent tips to help you obtain this uncommon material. It seems that each player that has shared their experiences in getting honey has had their own unique experience.

There is an essential point to remember when you’re trying to acquire honey in KH3. Don’t forget to gather other important ingredients along with the way because just getting this single ingredient isn’t going to give you everything you need for the recipes.

Don’t forget to have some fun on the journey. Kingdom Hearts 3, although challenging in some aspects, offers an overall fun gaming experience. It can teach us a lot about having patience.

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