Far Cry vs. Wild


Gameplay collage videos might be a dime a dozen on YouTube, but when you find a good one there are few things funnier.

That’s certainly the case today with Criken’s Far Cry 3 gameplay video. The game had many opportunities for plenty of wacky shit to happen all the time, and there were plenty of times in my own game that I wished I had the cameras rolling for.

But Criken has even more ridiculous stuff that’s happened to him. His commentary is alright, but it’s the gameplay itself that’s worth staying for. I was caught off guard more than once, and even though it’s eight minutes long, you’ll want to stay until the end.

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  1. Game looks pretty sweet, but isn’t it kind of stupid in an open world game in this day and age to make the water instant death for NPCs? Especially when there is so much of the stuff all over the place?

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