How Many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The Kingdom Hearts series is centered on crossovers. As a result, it makes sense for interested individuals to ask questions about the number of worlds contained in each installment, seeing as how more worlds make for a bigger, more magical experience than otherwise possible. Kingdom Hearts III has been out for some time, meaning that interested individuals should have no problems finding information on what they can and cannot expect from it.

What Are the Worlds in Kingdom Hearts III?

For those who are curious, here are the nine worlds that can be found in Kingdom Hearts III:


Olympus should be a familiar sight for Kingdom Hearts fans. After all, Olympus Coliseum has been in the series since the very start. Having said that, Olympus is a huge expansion of Olympus Coliseum, as shown by how it now possesses three sections of note. First, there is Mount Olympus, which is where interested individuals can expect to start out. Second, there is Thebes, which is a bustling city. Third, there is the Realm of the Gods, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. In this world, the player can expect to take on Hades who has unleashed the Titans.

Twilight Town

Twilight Town is another world that has appeared in a number of Kingdom Hearts games. Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that one of its most distinctive features is that its sun remains suspended in the same spot, thus putting it in perpetual twilight. Having said that, interested individuals shouldn’t expect to see the whole of Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts III. Instead, they are restricted to a single section containing a number of important locations.

Toy Box

Naturally, the Toy Box is based on the Toy Story series, which is why it is inhabited by living toys. Suffice to say that it has been a very long time coming. This is because a Toy Story-based world was proposed as far back as the first Kingdom Hearts. Furthermore, it is known that both a Woody model and a Buzz Lightyear model were created for the proposal for its follow-up, though they never actually managed to make it into the finished product. Story-wise, interested individuals can expect the Toy Box to focus on the search for missing toys.

Kingdom of Corona

Tangled came out in 2010. As a result, it made perfect sense when the people behind Kingdom Hearts III revealed that Tangled was one of the first properties considered for the game. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Kingdom of Corona features a retelling of the basic story from the movie. In short, it is missing its princess Rapunzel because she was kidnapped by Mother Gothel when she was still a baby. Due to this, players can expect to become involved in Rapunzel’s discovery of her true background while getting tangled up with a wide range of other complications in the process.


Of course, Monstropolis is based on Monsters, Inc., which came out before Kingdom Hearts II but predated Disney’s buyout of its maker Pixar. Regardless, interested individuals can expect Sora, Donald, and Goofy to turn into new monstrous forms when they wind up in this new world, which should make for a humorous moment at the start. Besides this, it is interesting to note that Monstropolis is set sometime after the events of the source material, as shown by how it gets its energy from the laughter of children rather than the screams of children.


Given how popular Frozen proved to be, the inclusion of Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts III was pretty much inevitable. Similar to the Kingdom of Corona, Arendelle features a kind of retelling of the source material’s story, though with even more complications thanks to the Kingdom Hearts elements. Something that should come as welcome news to those who still look back at the movie with enough fondness that they would like to experience it in a different way.

100 Acre Wood

Another example of an already seen world making a return in Kingdom Hearts III is the 100 Acre Wood, which has shown up before in both the first and the second Kingdom Hearts. There are a number of interesting things that cause it to stand out. For example, it is a world within a world in the sense that interested individuals must access it through a book, which is something that remains true for the latest installment in the long-running series. Likewise, this world is much less focused on violence than its counterparts, which makes sense considering the nature of its source material. In fact, it should be mentioned that the latest version of the world consists of nothing but mini-games, though to be fair, that seems to be a product of the extent to which it has been scaled down.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It isn’t the first world to be thus because it was predated by Port Royal. However, the Caribbean is indeed as its name suggests in that it is a considerable expansion. It includes said port. Furthermore, it includes the region surrounding the port as well as Davy Jones’s Locker. On top of this, it should be mentioned that the Caribbean is based on the third movie rather than the second movie in the series, which is a nice change because the second movie came to a close on a cliffhanger. As for why the Caribbean was included in Kingdom Hearts III, its predecessor was popular, which was helped by the people behind the latest game’s interest in adding at least one world based on a live-action movie.

San Fransokyo

Before Kingdom Hearts III came out, people were wondering whether Disney’s buyout of Marvel and Lucasfilm meant that they would see Marvel Comics-based worlds and Star Wars-based worlds. That didn’t happen, but in a way, one could make the argument that it did. After all, the movie Big Hero 6 was based on a Marvel superhero team of the same name, though in such a loose manner that one wouldn’t expect the connection without connecting the names with one another. Regardless, San Fransokyo is another new world introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. However, it doesn’t put interested individuals in the story of the source material but is instead set sometime afterwards for whatever reason.

Further Thoughts

Currently, there is new DLC coming out for Kingdom Hearts 3. However, there is no indication that it will have more worlds for interested individuals to explore, meaning that they should keep their expectations tampered down in this regard. Time will tell what other kinds of content have been planned out for the game.

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