Cecil Harvey: The Destroyer

Holy crap. I didn’t think it was possible for me to keep being impressed by cosplay, as at this point, I though I’d seen it all. But with new technology comes even more elaborate costumes, and this one was made possible by 3D-printing, a technique not normally used for costumes, but as you can seen, makes one hell of an outfit.

I never played Final Fantasy IV, as it was far beyond my time, but I’m told this is the protagonist from that game, Cecil Harvey, in full badass mode, which involves looking like a Tekken character.

This costume took eight months to make, and I’d say it was definitely worth it, as it’s one of the best made costumes I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. Check out more shots of it below:

More great shots on the next page.

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  1. You should definitely play Final Fantasy IV! (and VI by the way), they are both very, very, good!

    And, there’s a surprise with Cecil, he becomes even more “badasser” (imo) later in the game. This form, is it’s original form.

  2. Depending on what kind of technique was used that is one hell of a expensive suit. A relatively small plastic box can easily cost +1000 dollar to get made.

  3. and paul…definitely check out FFIV. great game. played through the PS1 port on my PS3 last year. still love IV and VI (aka FF2 and 3 on SNES). probably too much, considering how many times i’ve finished both.

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