Awesome Father and Daughter Duos in Video Games


We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday and it prompted me to remember my favorite dads from video games I love. I won’y just feature biological fathers of characters, but ones that act as a father figure as well. Who needs blood to be considered a father anyway? Don’t fret if your favorite padres aren’t mentioned here since I have not played every game in the world.

I will warn you now that I won’t be including the dad in Fallout 3 because I’m not a fan of that game. I’m sensing that a lot of people will be thinking of him.

Fathers are awesome and it always tears me up when I see them being paired with a young girl. Father and son duos are fun too, but there’s this protective instinct that’s different with father and daughters. Some might think its sexist when fathers feel like they need to protect their daughters more because they see them as their “little princess,” but I actually find it sweet. However, that doesn’t mean the young girls are resorted to damsel roles all the time. There are video games where they actually kick ass with their dads!

Here are my picks:


Lee and Clementine- Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Don’t worry folks, I won’t spoil anything for this section. Lee may not be the biological father of Clementine, he was surely the one the latter needed when the zombie apocalypse happened.

Clementine might need to be rescued for quite a number of times and that’s because she’s a kid. Lee does teach her how to protect herself from the harsh new world she now lives in and we see how she definitely listens to him.

Playing as Lee made me feel more paternal towards Clementine and I felt like I needed to do everything I could to protect her. She was like a daughter to me and suddenly I felt what my father was feeling most of the time.

I used to get mad at him for being too protective, but Lee and Clementine’s relationship had a lot of heartwarming and painful moments throughout the game. It’ll make you want to hug your dad right after you finish it.


Corvo and Emily- Dishonored

You eventually find out  that Corvo is the father of Emily as you progress through the game. She doesn’t really help you out throughout the game, but I really liked this duo because Corvo’s actions influences Emily’s future.

I started off just slaughtering anyone in my way initially. However, I changed my tune once I realized that this will affect Emily’s decisions as a leader in the future. It was really a pain in the ass considering I like to go full on Rambo mode when I can.

The game really forced you to evaluate how you play the game because it directly affects someone close to you. I was immediately fond of Emily when I played hide and seek with her as Corvo and I was heart broken when the tragedy happened. The only time I resorted to violence was when a certain someone decided to put her in danger.


Booker and Elizabeth- BioShock: Infinite

Booker and Elizabeth are an awesome father and daughter duo in this video game. I was not only protective of her, but she was essential in combat too. I remember frantically turning to Elizabeth when I ran out of ammo and needed more health packs.

When I was separated from her in the game, I endeavored to get her back. It’s not just because I needed her in combat, I grew attached to her character and it was hard to imagine playing the game without her. The story between the two is heartbreaking, but it also a tale about redemption. It was nice to see the two of them again in a DLC and I hope to get a chance to see them in another adventure.

Joe and Ellie – The Last of Us

If you’ve played this game until the very end, the words “baby girl” will never be the same again. Some players may see Joel as a villain in the end, but his decision showed me how fathers can love immensely.

I remember my father telling me that he would have done the exact same thing. He thought that he’d rather have his daughter than be mankind’s savior. I’m not going to argue about the moral conundrum in the ending, so I’ll stop here.

However, the journey of Joel and Ellie’s relationship was well-paced and we encountered a lot of heartwarming and tragic moments in the game. Regardless if we were playing Joel or Ellie, each one was equally important and their relationship encouraged players to save the other to the best of their ability.

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  1. Let’s not overlook the bad fathers. There’s Henry and Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect; Braska and Yuna from Final Fantasy X; Loghain and Anora from Dragon Age.

          1. To save the world though! I would have been pretty proud to have Braska as my father after that.

          2. I agree, Yuna was proud of Braska. What he did was noble, heroic and selfless. He saved the world until Sin came back.


    Seriously, though, it’s kind of amazing that you can write about video games all week on your own site and still have the juice still kick out the jams on Unreality. BB.

  3. I’m not sure why but I find father-daughter relationships in stories to be fascinating (maybe because I don’t have any sisters or daughters myself, and my mother’s father wasn’t really around). Whatever the reason I think it’s no coincidence that I hold these four games in the ranks of the greatest games of all time.

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