GTFO is a Game for Seasoned FPS Players Looking for a Challenge

GTFO is a first-person survival horror game that takes a lot of inspiration from Left 4 Dead. Now, this game has been out for a few years, at least in its Early Access form. The developers over at 10 Chambers have been nursing this game for some time. Even though it has a solid start, there is always room for improvement. The basic story goes by having a group of prisoners taken down into a vast complex called “The Rundown.” Spiraling stories down beneath the surface, every level becomes increasingly dark and ominous. This is for good reason, too. Since this facility is wrought with ghouls that crawl, lurk and slither throughout every crevice within. Up to four players must team up and fight their way to the exit, all while taking orders from a person called “The Warden.” Fire weapons, fight tooth and nail, and find tools to open up passageways to continue down this horrifying network of tunnels.

This game isn’t for the faint of heart, either. For gamers out there who are yawning with every match while playing Call of Duty then GTFO might be for them. This game is being made by a small team of developers that range up to 10 people. So, the development and hot fixes for this title have been a slow and grueling experience. The initial feedback for this game has been mostly good and it’s only getting better. On top of that, this game is also aiming to be a free-to-play experience once fully released. Gamers within the community might have heard whispers about this game over the years, but it has gone mostly unnoticed. There is already a passionate niche group of gamers that play this title and it’s only a matter of time until it reaches cult status. This isn’t just another FPS, either. There are some nuances to it that give it its own style.

In Too Deep

GTFO is a co-op game in its purest sense. The key to survival is communicating and coordinating with other players. The best way to play this game is with other passionate players, no doubt. There is an option to play solo with bots, however, this isn’t recommended. There is a “class system” of sorts in this game. However, it isn’t necessary pre-set. Players will need to decide among themselves on what to equip and kind of creating their own class. A balanced team is essential for victory. Just like in Apex Legends, Overwatch, and other similar titles. This game isn’t an arena shooter, by any means. It’s very much a tense, atmospheric title that comes in the same flavor as DOOM 3 and even Dead Space.

The levels are dark, claustrophobic, and labyrinthine by design. The mechanics are gritty and very manual in their approach. For instance, in order to find certain items, a player will need to go to a control panel and actually type in code like in DOS to mark them. This, of course, can be a tense moment when being swarmed by enemies. Yes, there are enemies aplenty in GTFO and it requires careful treading through the corridors. Sometimes, the foes will be in suspended animation, unbeknownst to the player’s whereabouts. Players will need to sneak and stealthily bypass these slumbering beasts without making any noise. One wrong move will spell a deafening alarm in which the entire area will be flooded with these ghouls. This, naturally, turns this game into a warzone in which the tables quickly become turned. Even though surviving an expedition can be done through mere firepower, it isn’t recommended. Resources are scarce and blasting through objectives should be considered as the last resort.

Embracing The Darkness

Every expedition will require something different to be accomplished. There is enough variation to keep things fresh. Mainly, these will consist of finding something deep in the level and escaping with it unscathed. These levels aren’t a quick jaunt into the unknown, either. They are designed like dungeons in an RPG. They can take up to a couple of hours to complete. Teaming up with players who are fully committed is the ideal way to play. Thus, there are some FPS tropes in GTFO to be found. Things such as perks and customizable suits and weapons, for instance. Recent patches, however, have given this game some mercy. Now, there are checkpoints within every mission, as opposed to starting from scratch with every failure. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it makes a world of difference for players who have been playing this game in its initial form.

Even though there is a glut of FPS games out there, not very many take the initiative to treat players like actual adults. GTFO is considered a gem to many FPS players out there. It offers an experience that can be both bone-crushing and satisfying at the same time. There aren’t very many games out there that offer this type of challenge, for sure. At least, in terms of games outside of the FromSoftware lineup. It will take a very specific type of player to effectively play this title. This isn’t a casual experience, by any means. Hence, it will take some trial and error to complete a single expedition. This can be difficult because teaming up with some friends to complete missions can sometimes be an ordeal. It’s also worth pointing out that the developers continue to add new content every couple of months, even to this day.

Sneak In, Bleed Out

There is much to chew on, in terms of the content found in GTFO. This isn’t the type of game to jump into and instantly figure out. It will take some practice and brain power to survive The Rundown. GTFO is an extreme title that will test even the most hardened FPS players out there. Right now, this game is available on PC through Steam. It is possible that this title might also be coming to consoles in the near future. As of right now, the developers are prepping for their next project, which will be a “heist game” of sorts.

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