Overwatch 2 Roadmap

Overwatch 2 Roadmap

Blizzard has long been well known for their diverse games, both within different genres and universes and franchises entirelywith games such as “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo”. Years ago, Blizzard and Activion had become one giant company, and recently Microsoft had set a deal to acquire the new super company, and brought games such as “Call of Duty”, “Tony Hawk Pro Skater”,”Overwatch”, and many others to the Xbox family. While games such as “World of Warcraft” may be the largest title to soon belong to the Xbox family, “Overwatch 2″ has been the most talked about project from Blizzard for quite some time and with players deep in beta and the game coming closer with pre-orders available, more information has to light regarding the evolved sequel. Below, we”ve gone into detail on what we know about “Overwatch 2”, now that Blizzard has unveiled an official roadmap for the upcoming sequel to the hit game.


Blizzard’s original hero shooter, “Overwatch”, released in 2016, and while it may not seem like it has grown within itself before a sequel launched but “Overwatch” has almost constantly been changing since its launch with new Heroes, Maps, Hero changes, skins, and so much more. The game was an immediate hit for several reasons between how entirely unique it was compared to games popular at its time of release, a highly anticipated project from Blizzard, or simply being a Blizzard console title the game drew mass amounts of attention before launch. “Overwatch” was indeed a hit game, and has maintained a strong fanbase throughout the years, as shown with the news of the game going free-to-play with the reveal of the “Overwatch 2” roadmap.

Overwatch 2

While players will be able to access additional features with “Overwatch 2” when it launches through the original “Overwatch” game, “Overwatch 2” will be free-to-play and have a different ecosystem regarding currency, loot boxes, and even a battle pass, and more. The main difference added to “Overwatch 2” that seemed like it would have been within the first game, but was absent, was the presence of a Story Mode or Campaign. Although the original “Overwatch” featured Hero introductions and cutscenes for new characters, as well as teased them before release, the game was strictly PVP, except for the occasional seasonal event. Now that Blizzard has shared a roadmap for what’s set to come and be announced leading up to “Overwatch 2”, and beyond, players have more specific elements of “Overwatch 2” to look forward to.

Overwatch 2 Roadmap

Earlier this year, we had learned that while “Overwatch 2” will indeed have the standard “Overwatch” PVP modes, new PVE modes will launch sometime after the PVP portion of the game, this October, as well as changing teams to 5V5 versus the original 6V6, and only one tank will be required per team, versus the original two per team. Existing Heroes, and their movesets, will change will “Overwatch 2” as well, which will enable players to change how they use their favorite Heroes, as well as some new ones. With the inclusion of a battle pass system into “Overwatch 2”, and every other free-to-play game, it has been announced by Blizzard that each season will last a total of 9 weeks. When the first season of “Overwatch 2” has launched, it will do so alongside a new loot box item rarity, Mythic, 3 new Heroes, a new game mode, and 30 new skins to add to the already existing skin pool from the original “Overwatch”. While 3 Heroes have been announced to launch with “Overwatch 2”, only two of them have been shown while the third, currently unknown, Hero will be of the Support class. Of the two already shown upcoming Heroes came one of the most interesting announcements so far regarding “Overwatch 2” with Junker Queen. At first glance, or by name alone, players may simply assume that Junker Queen would just be another Junkrat but that was quickly proven wrong with a showcase of her gameplay.

Beyond Overwatch 2 Season 1

As stated above, Blizzard has announced that the long-awaited PVE mode will launch in 2023, but that’s not all players will have to wait to look forward to with “Overwatch 2” after launch, according to the “Overwatch 2” roadmap posted by Blizzard. While Season 1 of Overwatch will include a total of 3 new Heroes, 6 new maps, 30 new skins, and the newest addition of a battle pass, Mythic rarity, and a new game mode Season 2 will add even more content, and beyond. Specifically, Season 2 will feature a single new Hero of the Tank class, a new map, and yet another new Mythic skin and battle pass. Beyond Season 2 of “Overwatch 2”, the roadmap indicates that more new Heroes, maps, skins, battle passes and modes will join the PVE launch in 2023.

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