Broken Roads is a RPG Set in a Post-Apocalyptic Australia

Broken Roads is a new RTS being developed by Drop Bear Bytes. This game is a Mad Max-inspired tale about people surviving in the Australian outback after a post-apocalyptic event. Given that this game has all the semblance of a traditional RTS, it actually offers much more. This will be an epic story, drawn into the desperation of human survival, making choices, and building character arcs. There will be an innovative branching dialogue system in place called the “Moral Compass.” What this does is mold the journey of the player through their philosophical outlook in life. Relationships, quests, plot points, and dialogue choices will constantly change from the way players interact with this world. Thus, this game will also offer a neverending playground on what to do and how to build a character. There will be no classes in this game. All characters will be built from a blank slate in any way a gamer best sees fit.

Additionally, there will also be turn-based combat in Broken Roads. Just like the classic RPGs of the 90s like Final Fantasy and its ilk. This feature is becoming increasingly extinct in this generation. Especially, when it comes to RPGs. Luckily, there are indie developers out there that still want to keep it alive. This game is a unique blend of genres that kind of fallen by the wayside over the years. Even though competitive fighting games, open worlds, and FPSs rule the landscape, there is still a niche demographic of gamers who prefer things more retro. This is what Broken Roads delivers. It’s a fresh story that offers gameplay elements that are both familiar and new. A small development team is working on this title and what they’re trying to achieve is actually quite a feat. Not very many gamers know about this title and it deserves a little attention.

The Great Outback

Now, even though Broken Roads is within a sci-fi, dystopian setting, the locations in this game are centered around authentic places found in Australia. The artwork is all hand-drawn, reminiscent of games during the 32-bit era. There is a charm to the animations and the overall design of the world. This game is laid out for players to carve out their own destinies. There will be a slew of characters to interact with and quests to go on. Of course, this adventure will be dialogue-heavy and there will choices to make on a constant basis that will be both subtle and coarse. In a way, players will be writing their own stories in this game. There will be a level of flexibility that isn’t seen too often in games of this type. This is especially true when building up the characters.

It is mentioned that this game will be “classless.” All the characters can be any way the player wants them to be. Up to 5 characters can be partied up. They all can be healers, bruisers, warriors, or whatever else. It is strictly up to the player’s discretion on how to build their party. Of course, any RPG veteran knows that it’s best to have different classes to balance everything out. The thing is, they don’t have to with Broken Roads. There is a sense of freedom here that is seldom found anywhere else. Hence, this is what makes Broken Roads a possible gem among its peers. The “live and let live” attitude that’s associated with it. Every character has their own skill tree and perks. All of which are unlocked and upgraded through the accumulation of XP, naturally. Even though the combat is turn-based, it has been modernized a little bit to make it feel more practical.

Wallaby Wallop

Hence, while in combat, characters can take cover behind objects. Things like walls, vehicles, rocks, and debris can all be used for cover during shootouts. Depending on the build, characters can use firearms, melee weapons, and even bombs for massive splash damage. There will also be consumables and other items found throughout the map. Broken Roads comes with a large inventory management system, along with a meter that signifies the philosophical filter on the characters. Every decision a player makes will be documented on the menu screen. There will also be a journal available that will keep track of the party’s findings and decisions throughout. The world in this game is dense and packed with secret locations and items to find. There are also kangaroos wandering about that players can interact with.

So, there is definitely a lot to find with Broken Roads. It is a smaller project that may slip under the acknowledgment of many indie gamers out there. Therefore, it may be a good idea to shed some light on it. It appears to be a mix of RTS, RPG, and even the old ‘point and click’ games of the 90s. There is certainly some nostalgia dripping from it. Also, given that the locations are based on actual places in Australia, there is a sense of earthiness to it. Many people will relate to this story on an intimate level. This isn’t seen too often in video games. Especially, since many IPs are placed in fantastical realms, outer space, and other timelines. Whatever the case, this game has been under heavy development for a long time and it will be dropping rather soon. Hopefully, there won’t be any delays, and fans of this genre can try out this title.

Desolate, Desserted, and Desperate

Even though there are several dystopian games out there, a new title with old-school charm is always welcomed. Broken Roads is slated to come out later this year. It will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. A release window related to a month hasn’t been stipulated, yet. Chances are that it will be coming out this holiday season. Especially, since we are now in the third quarter of the year. Broken Roads will be playable on last-gen consoles, but no word on whether or not it will be shifting over to next-gen anytime soon.

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