How Many Game Of The Year Awards Did Sony Win in 2020?

game of the year 2020

The 2020 video game awards season was certainly an exciting time for fans of PlayStation games as they took home significantly more game of the year awards than any other publisher or game in attendance. With titles such as The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima included in the 2020 PlayStation exclusive lineup, it’s not a very big surprise that Sony won as many awards as they did. So how many game of the year awards did Sony win throughout the 2020 video game awards season? Well, we’ve gone through a list of media outlets that submitted their vote for 2020 game of the year, so let’s take a look to see which PlayStation exclusives had the most submissions from the list of game of the year picks!

The Last of Us Part II (137)

  • EE Pocket-lint Awards (UK)
  • Premios-Xataka (ES)
  • TechTudo (BR)
  • TechTudo Readers’ Choice (BR)
  • Golden Joystick Awards (UK)
  • Premios Xataka México (MX)
  • Excélsior (MX)
  • UAGNA (IT)
  • Лайфхакер (RU)
  • Digital Trends (US)
  • BitMe (MX)
  • The Game Awards (US)
  • Empire Magazine (UK)
  • Fun & Serious Game Festival (ES)
  • Rocket Beants TV – Game Two (DE)
  • NME (UK)
  • Brazil Game Awards (BR)
  • VidaExtra (ES)
  • Canltech (BR)
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • GamerFocus Readers’ Choice (CO)
  • JeuxVideo-Live
  • GAMINGbible Readers’ Choice (UK)
  • Red Bull Belgium (BE)
  • GameCrate (CA)
  • (UA)
  • PC Games Readers’ Choice (DE)
  • IGN Readers’ Choice (US)
  • El Tiempo (CO)
  • New Game Plus (AU)
  • Den of Geek (US)
  • Den of Geek Readers’ Choice (US)
  • VidaExtra Readers’ Choice (ES)
  • Polityka Magazine (PL)
  • DR (DK)
  • 3D Juegos México (MX)
  • El Heraldo de México (MX)
  • Tom’s Hardware Italy Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Game Informer (US)
  • Readers’ Choice (FR)
  • Red Bull España (ES)
  • tuttoteK (IT)
  • National Post- Post Arcade (CA)
  • Gameplay Café (IT)
  • Gameplay Café Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Bay Area News Group (US)
  • Europe 1 (FR)
  • WellPlayed (AU)
  • IGN Hungary (HU)
  • Muropaketti (FI)
  • Tom’s Guide (US)
  • God is a Geek (UK)
  • TierraGamer (MX)
  • (IT)
  • Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Areajugones (ES)
  • Busted Readers’ Choice (GR)
  • IGN Italia (IT)
  • Geeks and Com’ (CA)
  • IGN Brasil (BR)
  • HVG (HU)
  • Power Unlimited Magazine (NL)
  • CQ (RU)
  • Insomnia (GR)
  • M2 Gaming (CA)
  • GameWorld Readers’ Choice (GR)
  • M3 (SE)
  • GameTyrant (US)
  • EL PAÍS (ES)
  • XGN (NL)
  • Legião dos Heróis (BR)
  • Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • GameStar Hungary (HU)
  • Fun Radio (FR)
  • Vigiato Readers’ Choice (IR)
  • KeenGamer (CZ)
  • (UA)
  • All Gamers In (ES)
  • NRK (NO)
  • GameWorld (GR)
  • Kotaku Australia Readers’ Choice (AU)
  • The Telegraph (UK)
  • SpazioGames (IT)
  • SpazioGames Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Atomix (MX)
  • GameStar Hungary Readers’ Choice (HU)
  • CNews (FR)
  • Inverse Readers’ Choice (US)
  • Gamer365 Readers’ Choice (HU)
  • Men’s Enjoy (IT)
  • Press Start Australia (AU)
  • 3DNews Readers’ Choice (RU)
  • Hobby Consolas (ES)
  • (DE)
  • Gamereactor Portugal (PT)
  • Gamereactor Norge (NO)
  • 4Players (DE)
  • 4Players Readers’ Choice (DE)
  • Gamereactor UK (UK)
  • Gamereactor France (FR)
  • Gamereactor Italia (IT)
  • The Digital Fix Readers’ Choice (UK)
  • HCL Gaming Portal Readers’ Choice (HR)
  • (RU)
  • Readers’ Choice (CZ)
  • 20 Minutes Readers’ Choice (FR)
  • El Cultural Magazine (ES)
  • Presse-citron (FR)
  • IGN Benelux Readers’ Choice (NL)
  • Varvat (SE)
  • Eurogamer Readers’ Choice (UK)
  • Game Legends Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Readers’ Choice (PT)
  • Readers’ Choice (DE)
  • GameVicio Readers’ Choice (BR)
  • Gameswelt (DE)
  • EGM (US)
  • Serial Gamer (IT)
  • Game Channel (HU)
  • (SK)
  • SomHráč.sk (SK)
  • JeuxActu (FR)
  • 3DJuegos (ES)
  • Lega Nerd (IT)
  • Unboxholics Readers’ Choice (GR)
  • Geeky (AR)
  • DualShockers Readers’ Choice (US)
  • IGN Middle East Readers’ Choice (AE)
  • (IT)
  • Readers’ Choice (IT)
  • Next Gen Base (UK)
  • SomHráč.sk Readers’ Choice
  • Readers’ Choice (HR)
  • DTE (RU)
  • (IT)
  • Readers’ Choice (IT)

With a staggering total of 137 game of the year awards, it’s safe to say that PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us Part II, is the landslide game of the year for 2020.

Ghost of Tsushima (21)

  • Evening Standard (UK)
  • LOS40 México (MX)
  • The Game Awards Player’s Voice (US)
  • WhatCulture
  • Hardcore Gamer (US)
  • RD Jeux vidéo (CA)
  • Radiónica (CO)
  • IGN Japan Readers’ Choice (JP)
  • TechRadar (UK)
  • Gamereactor Suomi (FI)
  • Mandatory (US)
  • Rocket Chainsaw (AU)
  • NDTV Gadgets 360 (IN)
  • Radiónica (CO)
  • JVFrance (FR)
  • GameMAG (RU)
  • SmashPad (US)
  • COGconnected (CA)
  • – HernáZóna (SK)
  • IGN Middle East (AE)
  • GameSpark Readers’ Choice (JP)

A total of 21 wins for Ghost of Tsushima to be nominated for game of the year is definitely impressive, but while it is a PlayStation exclusive, it couldn’t even compare to the 100+ awards that The Last of Us Part II won.

Final Fantasy VII Remake (12)

  • Trusted Reviews (UK)
  • IGN Japan (JP)
  • Reno Gazette-Journal (US)
  • GamingBolt (US)
  • GameSpace Readers’ Choice (US)
  • MensXP (IN)
  • PC World (PL)
  • GamerGen (FR)
  • TheSixthAxis (UK)
  • JagatPlay (ID)
  • Siliconera (US)
  • (NO)

The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake ended the year with a pretty solid number of game of the year nominations with a total of 12! Unfortunately still not enough to beat out The Last of Us Part II, but it still managed to get PlayStation an extra 12 nominations for a total of 141 votes (Spider-Man Miles Morales got a single vote from KGUN 9)! What do you think? Did Sony deserve to win all of these awards? What games would you have liked to see be nominated for game of the year?

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