Top 10 Best Video Gaming Twitter Feeds to Follow

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by Mike Leaño

Aching for the latest in gaming news? Join the club! There are so many fascinating things that happen in the realm of video games every day, and they’re shared in countless websites throughout the interwebz. But that’s just it–there’s just so much to choose from, it’s utterly bananas.

To make your life easier, we suggest you use Twitter; it’s hands down the quickest and easiest way to stay updated on anything you’re interested in. But wait! There are about 255 million active Twitter users, and this number is steadily growing. Where should you start?

You’re in luck. Here is our list of the best game-related Twitter feeds that we think you should follow.

1. Steam

If you game on the PC, then you should be following Steam, no question. The feed announces new Steam releases, network updates, games for pre-order, weekend deals, and all manner of Steam news. We suggest you pay close attention to the Steam feed during the mid-week, weekends, and during seasons like summer, autumn, and the last two weeks of December every year when its popular sales take place.

2. PlayStation

The official PlayStation feed is a must-follow for anyone interested in Sony’s consoles, handhelds, and its games. The feed provides a steady stream of new screenshots, trailers, gameplay videos, and information on the new releases, firmware versions, downloadable content (DLC), game updates, and all manner of PlayStation-related news. It’s utterly intoxicating.

3. Major Nelson

Major Nelson is the Xbox Live Gamertag and Twitter feed or Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live. He’s essentially the face of Xbox: if you want to watch new trailers for Xbox games; know when certain DLCs are coming out; and find out what games are currently discounted in Xbox Live, then make sure you follow Major Nelson.

4. Nintendo of America

When talking about the House that Mario Built, the Twitter feed you should be following is Nintendo of America’s. Like its competitors in the console gaming space, Nintendo tweets about upcoming releases for the Wii U and 3DS/2DS, gameplay trailers, tips for certain games, contests, and whatnot.

5. Cheap Ass Gamer

Want to get the best deals on video games and gaming-related products? See to it that you follow Cheap Ass Gamer’s Twitter feed. The stuff they post daily here is just unbelievable. If a company is giving away freebies, or there’s a massive discount on a game or game somewhere, then it’s most probably on Cheap Ass Gamer.

6. Kotaku Deals

You can never have enough game-related discounts, freebies, and promos so don’t forget to follow Kotaku Deals as well. What’s great about this feed is that it also includes deals for sister sites such as Gizmodo (gadgets) and io9 (home video DVDs and Blu-ray). You better keep watch over your wallet though–these game-related Twitter feeds makes it awfully challenging to hang on to your money!

7. Polygon

Polygon is a relatively new video game website (it launched in October 2012), but it already has a large Twitter following. There are two good reasons to stay tuned to Polygon’s feed: first, the team behind it is composed of big names in games journalism like Brian Crecente, the former editor-in-chief of Kotaku, and Russ Pitts, the former editor-in-chief of The Escapist. Second, Polygon’s long-form articles are incredibly entertaining and informative.

8. GameSpot

GameSpot remains one of the premiere video game websites and with good reason: it’s simply bursting with new content, which is promoted in its Twitter feed. GameSpot produces a staggering number of reviews for the latest games, hands-on previews, video streams, news, feature articles, interviews, trailers, and a variety of live shows. There’s no excuse for not following the GameSpot Twitter feed.

9. Geoff Keighley

Ever heard of a TV named GameTrailers TV? It’s hosted and executive produced by games journalist Geoff Keighley, one of the most recognised faces in the games industry. When it comes to games, this guy is pretty much everywhere. You’ll see Geoff interviewing executives, hosting game launch specials, and being heavily involved in the Game Critics Awards. But why should you follow him in Twitter, you ask? Geoff is a wellspring of exclusive stories, which he frequently shares there.

 10. CEO Kaz Hirai

Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai is the CEO of Sony, but this Twitter feed is actually a parody account. The stuff that the fake Kaz Hirai talks about in his posts may not always be entirely accurate, but one thing is certain: it’s fricking hilarious. Seriously, it’s amazing how the person behind this account is able to combine a strong knowledge of the industry, sharp insight, and humour.

So there you have it. A rundown of the top video gaming feeds that you should be watching closely. There are hundreds (or even thousands) of other notable Twitter feeds worth looking into, for sure, but these are the ones that we think you should check out first. So what are your favourite game-related Twitter feeds? We’d love to hear about your suggestions below!



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