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Evil Dead: The Game is the title that keeps on giving. Back when it launched, the standard content had very little meat on its bones, despite the core gameplay being rather solid. Throughout the past year, developer Boss Games have been slowly drip-feeding content into its title to help keep this game alive. The newest addition is the demon Baal, best known from the Evil Dead television series. He’s the ultimate evil within the Evil Dead universe. Feverishly uniting down the Necronomicon for his own selfish deeds. He’s a master manipulator of sorts and, when it comes to gameplay, that is pretty much what he does.

Baal is the king of setting up traps in Evil Dead: The Game. When it comes to melee, he can be a tad sluggish. He’s not so much a hand-to-hand combat type of demon. Instead, he’s much more cerebral and cunning in his ways of smiting survivors. There is a multitude of ways to build Baal. The main upgrades that players need to focus on are everything related to; health, fear, and, of course, traps. Players may not know it by looking at Baal, but he can become quite tanky with the right build. Basically, taking Baal out into the battleground should be reserved for the collecting the dagger and book pages segment of the match. Doing it too early would most likely spell his defeat.

Now, the basic units that come with Baal look cool, for sure. However, they tend to go down pretty easily. So, as far as buffing them up, it’s best to reserve that until later and focus on other attributes. Therefore, players will be better off spending points on The Gates of Hell: Elite upgrade. Not to mention, the Gates of Hell: Boss upgrade. These tougher enemies come with more damaging strikes and are generally tougher to take down by default. Upgrading them by 5 to 10% can really give all the survivor classes, across the board, a harder time.

Focus on Baal’s Health First

Now, raising Baal’s health bar can really come in handy. Especially when going against more seasoned survivors. Upgrading with Mindfulness is recommended first and foremost. This is especially true when upgrading perks during matches with infernal energy. Baal’s maxed Boss meter will prevent him from staggering. This means he can get ganked with all the survivors and have a much easier time swatting them away. When this is coupled with the Thick Skin upgrade, Baal is like a walking demonic statue that can withstand all manners of punishment.

Try Upgrading Traps and Fear Secondly

With Evil Dead: The Game, demons generally have universal traits on how to attack survivors. When it comes to Baal, he excels at setting traps and garnering fear. He can use fear beyond just possessing survivors. Instead, he can actually weaken them. Speaking of possession, unlocking the Mass Paranoia ability will make all survivors look possessed after a demon takes over someone’s body. This is a good way to cause some chaos while planning the next move. Thus, using Scare Fest and Feed by Fear work nicely together, because they will both shoot up the fear level along with allowing survivors to take more damage when their fear level is increased. Thus, Rampant Paranoia and Shut Your Trap will help with increasing fear faster during later objectives of the match, along with reducing the need for infernal energy to set traps.

Upgrade Speed Thirdly

Baal can be a pretty quick demon, however, it is possible to increase his speed to make him even more deadly. One upgrade to consider is Manhunter. This juices up Baal’s roaming speed to zoom around the map more effectively. Considering that whenever survivors trigger a trap, they will also be marked. So, this upgrade can make Baal fly up to his prey after being alerted, like a shark in the water. With Heart Pounding activated, marked survivors will take extra damage. Layer that with Mark of Evil and survivors will be marked for a longer period of time. Using Bullseye will also buff up the speed of a demon after a portal is placed, which will make them all the more menacing. Additionally, try looking into using Speedy Fingers to speed up the time to set traps.

Build Up Damage Output Last

It will only be common sense to buff up the foot soldiers for Baal along with any other demon. So fully upgrading the Rocksteady: Boss ability will allow boss units to become more immune to stuns. Let’s not overlook Heavy Damage: Boss, as well. This, of course, will make the boss units hit harder. This upgrade can also be applied to the Basic and Elite units. However, it is recommended to focus on boss units first and work your way down. Don’t forget the Health Raiser upgrade, either. This is essential when needing your units to withstand abuse from the survivors, especially during the later stages of the match. This upgrade can be applied to the; Basic, Elite, and Boss units. As long as Baal has his speed, fear outtake, and health buffed up, he can become quite the formidable demon. His traps and mind tricks will not only break down survivors but cause havoc across the map.


The roster with Evil Dead: The Game is expanding with great appeal. All of the demons in this game not only offer variety in aesthetics but also gameplay. Baal was the most requested demon by the player base and they finally got him. He is a very different demon in comparison to his counterparts and it will take some practice to finally develop a taste for him. Evil Dead: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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