The Future of Spellbreak

Over the last few years, many games followed the path paved by “Fortnite” and created their own take on the battle royale genre, keeping the same core elements from previously released games within the genre but ultimately made them something entirely unique. Among the most interesting of the battle royale games that arose within that time was “Spellbreak”, a battle royale game with 60 players fighting and surviving it out as Battlemages using unique powers that are partially predetermined pre-game start. However, recently the game has gone dark as it hasn’t seen an update in quite some time, but fans must have been asking more questions lately as the future of the title has been announced. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the mage-focused battle royale, what made it so different from its counterparts, and the overall future of the fantasy battle royale “Spellbreak”.


Proletariat, the unknown-to-some name may not ring any AAA bells, but the studio has created and published everything themselves from their first release of “World Zombination” in 2015 to their latest hit, “Spellbreak”, and the few games in between. Proletariat only has 5 titles under their belt, with one currently being built attached to one of the largest MMO games of all time, “World of Warcraft”, which unfortunately had a hand in the future of “Spellbreak”, as we know it. Although attached to upcoming “World of Warcraft” content, as the company has apparently bought them out, “Spellbreak” will likely stay true to the hearts of the small team of 6 that created the interesting battle royale take focused on magic gauntlets over traditional guns.


“Spellbreak” was created by Proletariat, for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and while the game launched in 2018, it wasn’t officially out of testing stages until September 3rd, 2020, when it was also released free-to-play. “Spellbreak” wasn’t the most popular battle royale, which may have also led to the current future planned for the title, and it may not have compared to “Fortnite” necessarily but the game was certainly interesting as it held a strong player base for nearly four years. Overall, Spellbreak had players play in either Solo, Duos, or Trios modes, as well as time-limited modes, Clash and Dominion, that were the “Spellbreak” version of team deathmatch and a control point mode. Overall, “Spellbreak” gave users a choice of starting Gauntlet, which wielded the element of choice throughout each game and players would have to find an additional gauntlet that’s replaceable, as well as runes that offer various different types of evasive movements. Elemental Gauntlets that could be selected and found, with a variety of rarities, were Stone, Wind, Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Toxic, and each had its own advantages, disadvantages, and attributes, effects, and more that made each playthrough entirely unique. Unfortunately, Spellbreak only made it to Season 3 before the announcement from Proletariat regarded the future of “Spellbreak”, but the game was evolving quite fast, adding new story elements every season as well as AI opponents, missions, evolving skins, and much more that made “Spellbreak” more unique than most of its counterparts.

The Future of Spellbreak

The message that announced the future of “Spellbreak” from Proletariat was seemingly no longer than the 3 seasons that made up the game, but fans of the game that have been playing since before Season 1, and spent money on the free-to-play title, will likely feel a void where “Spellbreak” once was but maybe a future studio, or Proletariat themselves, will make a comeback with “Spellbreak”, eventually. As stated above, Proletariat has now been acquired by Blizzard and will take on the newest expansion of “World of Warcraft” titled, “Dragonflight”, likely due to the developer’s ability to create enticing fantasy stories and elements. Proletariat had the following message for Breakers of the Hollow Lands, “After more than four years of elemental magic and spell combinations, we’ve made the decision to end development of “Spellbreak”. The servers will shut down as of early 2023. Thank you to the millions of players who have joined us in the Hollow Lands since 2018; it’s been an amazing journey. Our vision was to create a fresh, multiplayer action-spellcasting game with exceptional movement and class customization that would give players the chance to unleash their inner battlemage. We are grateful to everyone in the game’s community for exploring the magical worlds and experiences we created together. “Spellbreak” was an ambitious project that saw our team push new boundaries in design and development and we are excited to continue to innovate as we create new titles in the future.” Although the post regarding the future by the “Spellbreak” developers, Proletariat, didn’t state “World of Warcraft” whatsoever, it’s likely that the acquisition of Proletariat from Blizzard halted any potential plans for “Spellbreak” to continue.

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