Evil Dead: The Game – Ruby Character Guide

The developers of Evil Dead: The Game has just launched their newest update, which ushers in a number of quality-of-life improvements, the ‘Splatter Royale’ mode, and a new character Ruby.

Best known in the Evil Dead television series, Ruby is the archnemesis of Ash and his ragtag team of Ghostbeaters. Played by Lucy Lawless, she returns for the video game adaptation to lend her likeness and vocal talents.

Ruby is the newest addition to the leader class and she can be a little complicated to get into. It will take quite a few matches to get the hang of her. However, once a player gets a good feel for her mechanics, she can easily be one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Evil Dead: The Game is one of those titles needing constant tweaks. So, chances are that Ruby will have a number of patches, buffs and nerfs down the road. She is incapable of using amulets. However, she comes with certain perks and skills that make up for it. She comes up with ways to heal herself passively, all the while increasing damage accumulatively with each kill. She’s like a snowball of death that only gets bigger and deadlier as the match goes on.

Ruby’s Abilities

Soul Eater

  • This ability will let Ruby soak up the souls of destroyed enemy units, which will restore her health. This can only be up to a certain amount, however. Thus, the enemies must be within her aura in order for this to take effect. This can be unlocked at Prestige Level 1.

Lilith’s Curse

  • This skill offers double usage while in combat. Whenever Ruby eliminates a Deadite, she will consume their soul and store them up. Players can manually trigger this ability from the accumulated souls or wait until all the souls are depleted. Once this happens, she will send out a shockwave which will damage enemies and heal allies. This ability unlocks at Prestige Level 5.


  • This ability will increase Ruby’s fear meter and basically make it more difficult for her to become possessed. Additionally, she will receive less damage whenever the possession stops. Lastly, Ruby will also be able to grant more health for herself when upgraded.

Quick Study

  • The damage with either a melee or ranged weapon will be increased with each consecutive enemy that is defeated.

Ruby’s Most Useful Builds

Even though some perks in Evil Dead: The Game is universally useful for everyone in the Leader Class, Ruby’s parasitical abilities can mount her up to top-tier status. Hence, focusing on certain perks like; ‘Great Influence’ can really give her an edge. This will increase the radius of her aura which will obviously really help out with collecting souls and healing which is associated with some of her abilities. Of course, players can try out other perks at their own discretion.

The Leader Class in Evil Dead: The Game is well-rounded fighters across the board. The Hunter Class excels with firearms and the Warrior Class is all about melee. The Leader Class, however, can fundamentally go either way. With that said, the ‘Tougher Than Hell’ perk can go a long way in terms of reducing damage from enemies. In the case of Ruby, she already comes with healing abilities, so it might be best to focus on making her a little bit tankier. Especially, when going against more seasoned demon players. Given that Ruby can increase damage with either her ranged or melee weapons through her own abilities, a player can focus on either upgrading ‘Devastating Force’ or ‘Stopping Power’ to help enhance attacks all the more. Of course, this strictly depends on their play style. Lastly, ‘Deeper Pockets’ can really help out with having extra matches to keep the fear level at bay.

Best Allies For Ruby

Given that Ruby is a part of the Leader Class, it will be her job to keep everyone together and well within her aura. During a match, using the Pink F Points to upgrade; Stamina, Aura, and Health is ideal. Stacking up Melee and Range can come in handy, sure. However, since that is pretty much covered with her own abilities, focusing on the aforementioned three attributes can help out in the long run. As far as allies, there are definitely certain types of team compositions that are more effective than others.

As for the Support Class, having Cheryl is always a good idea for having a character in the team that can heal others. Of course, that won’t be really necessary with Ruby. With the right build, she can heal others just as effectively. Therefore, having another Hunter Class character might be beneficial. Fisher is a good choice, due to her hefty ammo capacity and long-ranged tactics. Evil Dead II Ash is always a notable selection since he can rid possession with his own ability. Thus, Henry The Red is a heavy that can really dish out some melee damage along with Ruby. Of course, Pablo probably wouldn’t be the best help for Ruby, since she can’t use amulets. Scotty, Arthur, David, and Mia could be suitable companions for Ruby due to their high resistance to fear and high melee damage.


The latest update for Evil Dead: The Game also adds a new free game mode called, ‘Splatter Royale.’ Players can choose any character, either demon or survivor, and up to 40 players will need to duke it out and see who will be triumphant. It is a nice addition to the default game mode that this title has had since its launch. Evil Dead: The Game is now available for Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Plus, it is now available on PSN as a monthly free download, for anybody who wants to check it out.

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