Incredibly Awesome Christmas Sweaters and Socks for Gamers

Gamer Sweaters 1

While the holiday season isn’t technically here yet you know that people are already getting into the Christmas mood.  And we can always start a little early, right?  Unfortunately we’re not 100% sure if you can order these in North America but they are available in the UK so I would highly suggest you give them the old college try here in the states.   Their “delivery” section mentions they accept International orders but we haven’t confirmed any purchases yet.

In any event, we’re talking video game Christmas sweaters and socks.  Honestly, things just don’t get much better than this.   Pics via

Gamer Sweaters 2

Gamer Sweaters 3

Gamer Sweaters 4

Gamer Sweaters 5

Gamer Sweaters 6

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