The Demon That Shines Through Neon Nights: The Neon Demon


The curious case of Dakota Fanning on screen, I mean… Elle! – Lately I’ve seen plenty of her acting and looks. Such a darling with a curious glance that may actually have demon powers in her eyes.  She’s been around plenty and still will be this year with 5 films in release. And the strangest of the list is none other than “The Neon Demon”.

An illusion. That’s what most people like to be sprayed upon their eyes these days. “A noir fantasy with neon colors” is the headline for this psychology- horror story, one that keeps quiet in dialogue but shows you a symbolism of surrealism through the theater that exists behind the fashion show and the whole business industry.

The supernatural promise that the story teases it has, is not developed in a usual way. The thoughts about what it’s going on with our lead “Jesse” will get us anxious for something to happened, her success being a sixteen year old and a quiet peace out person it’s a soft mystery reflected in every other character being amazed by her beauty. Not really a question mark for us because Fanning’s presence is indeed quite precious and only grows in greatness with every step of development in between scenery through the good work of the artists behind it. Photography is a great point of this movie.

The corruption of innocence and the dull concept of beauty that the industry and its members lay on fresh meat; that’s one of the strong themes playing throughout the film, between Jesse’s transformation and the growing factor of her looks being fetishised by everyone, a conflict concocts in front of us giving the feel like we’re about to see a predator attack her and approach to steal her powerful new-found attitude; the magic of narcissism acts strong in the interactions of the people surrounding our main demon like a cult of followers that have hidden hate to their own symbol, it’s a silent back and forward line of action, internal fights are fought and the beauty always stays in the middle of it, the core of modern conflicts plaguing the harsh world of fashion are shown.

Black shadows lurk behind and on front of the neon lights; the vicious are usual winners in a world plague of cruelty and pretension. The visuals, the artwork, the narrative and characters in this film often show you how promise & dreams are violently stripped down and are turned objects of maleficent purposes. As the hunger for magic keeps getting excessively wider, no matter what, it will turn dark. And no innocence will serve as a shield for that.

Interesting movie at last even though it has a slow pacing it keeps you on the heat of wanting to know. A beautiful shot, good time was rightfully spent, although is a sure prescription that it’s not a film for everybody who is in a hurry or wants scare jumps. Watch and enjoy.

PS: Does Elle Fanning look a bit like Emma Stone to you?

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